Grey’s Anatomy – 10×17 Do You Know? – by S.

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This episode of Grey's Anatomy is ideal for those who want to wipe out all traces of optimism, losing all kinds of hope in the future and give up the will to live. A hoot, practically. But despite the disarming sense of General sadness, is a beautiful episode.

The main thing is the awareness of Cristina about her affair with Owen: It is now clear that, whichever way they decide to go, they will never be happy together; for their own good, should stay away from each other. As I feared, indeed, their big problem is not solvable in any way without compromising the happiness and personal satisfaction of one of their two. As says the same Cristina, "people who want kids don't just stop wanting them"and the same goes for those who want to. In particolare, the episode recounted, with great sensitivity typical of series, the plight of women who do not wish to have children. For how great is the love for the partner, is too large to be suffered in the name of her happiness, would only cause sadness. Cristina proves great fortitude and even greater courage in not giving in, in not accepting to compromise, making it a flag of feminism and symbol of autonomy and independence that so many women are still denied. In addition, the choice to have children or not to work to take care of them has the same dignity and the same value of the opposite, but often they forget the sacrifices and renunciations that whoever takes this decision must face: Cristina loses what he holds most dear in absolute. But the lesson that Cristina imparts to us all, to put it as she said to Owen, is “don't give up things for me“: It is not fair to give up their wishes and aspirations, destroy an important part of themselves, in order to please someone else, However important this someone can be.

The episode marked the beginning of the arc of the storyline of Cristina Yang on Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, introducing more clearly what will be the reasons for his removal. Considering the above awareness and the announced return of Burke, It is increasingly likely that the two will resume their romance up where they left off; rest, as R, co-author of the blog, Burke has left Cristina at the altar, but he left her because he thought she was not yet ready for marriage, and especially with Burke the big problem Children never place: He'd have to choose between family and career. “Do you know who you are?” is the recurring question of the episode, and, a questo punto, Maybe it's just with Burke that Cristina could really be herself.

The important theme adds the usual splendid interpretation of Sandra Oh, Sadly enough commended for its (How can we forget the Emmy win Katherine Heigl in 2007, When both were nominated?). I am also sure that the rest of the season will give more space to the character of Cristina, so I can say goodbye to Seattle in the best way for the spectators and for the same characters: There are many criticisms (sometimes unfounded) moves to Grey's Anatomy, but few series show the same affection for the stories of its protagonists (Apart from those who do not deserve it, like Katherine Heigl The Unloved); This discussion makes me think it probably “valleys of tears” It will be the most suitable for the final episode, but now with Shonda we learned to be prepared for anything.


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