10 Grey's Anatomy×18 – You Be Illin ' – by S.


A disappointing episode this, It suffers from a lack of a storyline that is truly engaging choral for the entire cast. Removed weddings with surprise and a few other events surrounding the individual characters, indeed, little important happens this season in which the plot General seems to drag on more than progress. And certainly does not improve with the idea of the flu virus that makes everyone puke (seriously?).

The only event of note is about Alex, who is getting captivated by the world of private health care or, meglio, the earning potential of private health (and can you blame him?); Apart from that, Alex known only that it is fattened so much, Neither Meredith's pregnancy was so obvious! Jo is always wonderful, He earned more points in my personal ranking of the characters after admitting candidly that, in fact, When he gets angry he becomes a little violent: "I don't trust myself", EPIC! A mention also to Callie that she notes "sweetie, you're dating Alex Karev, You'll always have a reason to be angry ", a great truth. But these jokes Flash, along with those between Meredith and Derek, the doctor that reconstructs the anus (…) and those are all the contents of the superpower of Arizona episode, evidently rather lackluster.

We had the episode Cristina-centric and now this other absolutely meaningless, Hopefully next week instituted the actual storyline that will occupy the final arc of the season (always assuming that there will be a real plot in the rest of the season!). In particolare, as mentioned just above, It would take something involving multiple characters, or even the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as an entity in itself, as another main character of the series (in the ninth season has worked pretty well). Because much of the space usually devoted to individual will be, rightly, reserved to Cristina (and Burke), but it is obvious that it can't just be this story to be told. I have repeatedly stressed the downgrade immediately by the characters of Meredith and Derek, that becomes more and more evident now that even other actors there is little or nothing to say. As with any show with a large cast, the variety and the interweaving of stories is, at the same time, an unfailing and also a strength: ten seasons focused solely on the love story of the two protagonists were, obviously, unsustainable. Ora, instead, It looks like they're doing some feel tiredness, physiological event also from a certain point of view, but I remain positive for the future: If Shonda has been relieved by the black season (the sixth), for sure will remedy a few episodes a little undertone.


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