Grey’s Anatomy – 10×19 I'm Winning – by S.

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After an episode a bit’ undertone, This week the series returned to fulfill its standard, keeping the setting Cristina-centric needed to give the character the finale it deserves. Important goals, jealousy, job offers and pregnancies: in a nutshell, Classic Grey's.

The opening scene, with Meredith and Cristina who sleep together and wake up waiting for the phone call, achieved by Alex and Jo, He recalled a lot the first few seasons, When all the interns lived together at home Grey: a pleasant time to return to the past, because many were the changes over the years but some points should be maintained.

Turning to the main event, I read many comments that the Bailey and Meredith you would play the title of “more envious”, but I have to disagree on this point and draw a clear line of demarcation. The Bailey took the nomination of Cristina as a personal offence, an insult to her that it was his first teacher and, instead, receives no recognition; for three quarters of the bet doesn't even try to be happy for Cristina, stop sulking when he meets and achieves it deserves at least his congratulations: It's not been named after having done what wrong professional or stealing the idea. Meredith, instead, try a spontaneous and completely natural jealousy, but the controls and knows how to go beyond: a touch of envy does not prevent it from being a good friend; his envy is also founded, Moreover, the 3D printer was his creature, needed for his revolutionary research. Is jealous? Yes. She's happy for Cristina? Anche. Simple, It's not a tragedy.

Derek does not combine anything as usual, but his new machinery that reads emotions has two definite merits. The first merit you make us love Jo more: behind that face and that smile from good girl, In addition to a particularly violent nature hides a personality to the threshold of sociopathy; kittens? “hate them”; Caribbean Beach? “sand in the eyes ", skin cancer”. Pretty much hates anything, making it much clearer because it is the perfect woman for Alex. And it is precisely her to push Alex towards the private clinic of Dr. Butthole, convinced that there is nothing wrong with working to make money; aside from the fact that they could never see each other if they worked in different places, It must be said that Justin Chambers contract expires at the end of this season and nothing has yet been announced for his future. Ora, I'd say that Cristina is sufficient loss, It's not that you can eliminate two characters each season finale; then, Dear Shonda and dear Justin, you are strongly advised not to make us unpleasant surprises. For more, also Justin Chambers is one of the Originals Cast Members, so if left the series would be entitled to the same treatment accorded to Sandra Oh/Cristina, not to a rough conclusion written in too little time. For example, his affair with Jo should at least evolve a little before you tell him goodbye, and I refuse to accept that the two of them make us see only a couple of seasons while with that idiot Izzie we had to put up with even the wedding. I object strongly!

Returning to the new machine by Derek, his merit is to have brought Callie (and Arizona) the decision to have another child: I'm so happy for them, but I wonder, It is normal to be that expensive gadget to let her know she wants a baby? Shouldn't already know alone? But of course if she knew they could not get the funny scenes of Callie (“I'm not depressed! Show me the kitten! See? I'm happy! …Am I happy?“), then we'll make it fit so.

With only five episodes were, I have now given up hope of seeing a storyline as it should for Meredith and Derek, and now I can only hope that things will change next season, considering the blank space that will remain after the departure of Cristina. For now, indeed, She is the only main character, and the ending of this episode confirms: When, alone with Owen at the place where their story began, he confesses that he thinks of winning the Harper Avery Award, also we are cheering for you and, as Ellis Grey, wouldn't that be a prize won, but a deserved award.


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