Grey’s Anatomy – 10×20 Go It Alone – by S.


While it is true that, as Meredith, “surgery is just act”, è anche vero che, Despite being a surgeon, You can't do it alone, You'll still need your person. The episode recounts (among other things) the balance between these two needs, and it does so through the friendship of Cristina and Meredith, as usual paradigm of all relations between BFFs since the dawn of the universe.

There are two major events that affect the Twisted Sisters: Cristina's phone call just before the ceremony is yet another way to reiterate that Meredith "is his person", What would you call to drag a dead body on the living room floor as its historical words: There is no husband taking, your person is something different and more. Beyond this, the surprise of Meredith confirms what I argued in relation to last episode, that his jealousy is not however a negative emotion and that, certainly, doesn't prevent you from being genuinely happy for her best friend.

A relationship is a little less rosy, instead, that of April e Jackson: as I have often said, I think a marriage is made more from practical choices, the ability to make things work in practice, that by Grand gestures. And this is the problem that you are facing, emerged initially during the visit of Jackson's mother and remained dormant so far. If it is true that April has maybe a little harsh on time, It cannot be said that the conclusions reached by is incorrect: If you can get together without having the same opinion on all, It's a little harder to stay together when you openly admits to feel pity for the other component of the pair; If religion (In this case) is a significant part of your life and your personality, so important to be a topic on which you do not agree to compromise, then ask yourself questions. Only that usually those questions arise before getting married; do you think you can, a questo punto, find a solution that would satisfy all and make things work? I predict long therapy sessions, because April cannot do all these scenes on believe in God and then consider just passable road of divorce. Another fundamental consideration that I have developed during their scenes is as follows: Jackson's House is wonderful and I want it too.

Continues to creep up the doubt regarding Alex: going really? Arizona certainly will not give up so easily, and it is not excluded that they get to play the card of "you had to be there in my seat on the plane that crashed". The only good thing to be now winding down the season early is that the agony is over and our concerns will be answered.

The next episode will be the "Farewell to Cristina", What that leaves me a bit puzzled because I thought Burke appeared for more than one bet, and I thought to see Cristina until at least season finale. The promo However, it seems to be very clear, so I'm already starting to move me, Why after all these years she's my person too.


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