Grey’s Anatomy – 10×21 Change Of Heart – by S.

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Luckily I had misunderstood and “farewell to Cristina” deal with all the remaining episodes of the season; on the other hand, There is a goodbye little peaceful contours, with all the Grey Council Sloan on a war footing (and for right reasons).

The reasons of Catherine on failure to win by Cristina doesn't seem particularly valid: While it is true that to win, in essence, an employee may cast a shadow on the impartiality of the award, the same can be said of the opposite; especially in cases like this, that evidently all agreed on the clear superiority of the search for Cristina, It will be clear to everyone that did not win only to political issues. And this does not affect equally the prestige and authority of’Harper Avery Award? If over the years will never win none of Grey Sloan Memorial will not be obvious that the competition is honest only partly? Not to mention the fact that a hospital whose doctors never get Awards will get less money for research, will be less prestigious, which in turn is reflected in the reputation of the Avery Foundation. Maybe they should think about it and work out a solution before you buy the hospital (and save it from closing, sì, but a happy medium must be). The intervention of the Foundation proves a gilded cage, that allowed the hospital to remain alive but now the clips their wings: Obviously it's an unacceptable situation, but it seems a dead end street. That other possibilities have? Webber and the other members of the Council are quite aggressive, and you can bet that you do not give up easily: they are still among the best surgeons in the country, It is not the treatment they deserve. The war on the Avery also offers, even if only for a few episodes, the collective storyline that you missed: the wishes were fulfilled and Shonda intervened, giving us what we wanted to see, just in time to create the necessary pathos for season finale.

More pathos derives from the reaction of Cristina the events of the episode: the question Avery Award not only adds to the discouragement that causes the death of a young patient (a really impossible, It has to be said): “I did everything exactly as I was supposed to, I did it perfectly […] What's the point?“. The final scene in which moves away from the hospital has all the appearance of an escape, an escape from a place too small for her, that currently sees only dead ends, without hope and future. If you add the imminent return of Burke, well, the road is paved for his departure from the scene.

I do not share at all, instead, the pressures of Jo on Alex to accept the job to the private clinic; Although there's nothing wrong with wanting the most convenient schedules and highest salary, on the other it seems to me that he is not very confident: There remains almost hurt when Arizona doesn't try to restrain him with tooth and nail as expected, It's as if hoping her to give him a good motivation to stay. I think he's convinced to change jobs just to make happy Jo and in order to give you the life that neither has ever had, but I'm hoping for a last-minute change of course.

Caterina Scorsone, as Amelia Shepherd, could not be here because his presence is not served to absolutely nothing, If you do not create an opportunity for the usual everyday interludes of Meredith and Derek; According to IMDB doesn't even appear in future episodes, which makes it even more useless this appearance.

Finally we April: remains in the background throughout the episode but it is she who has the final twist. Poor Jackson hoped to solve their problems gradually, no worry now about how to bring up children who, may be, would in the future; but no, April is timely and is already pregnant. Both seem nonetheless eager to reconcile and, insomma, We can at least try before deciding that the divergence is insurmountable.

Between unexpected returns, pregnancies (unexpected and programmed), personal crisis and resignation we have all the essential elements of a finale of Grey's Anatomy, just missing some cataclysm/shooting/alien invasion!


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