Grey’s Anatomy – 10×22 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – by S.

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And finally, Burke is back (After Isaiah Washington has properly atoned for his sins). He and Cristina resume right where you were left, namely, How accurate you, "me in a white dress and you fleeing the state".

After seven years of waiting Cristina have the opportunity to meet with Burke, and that only "NO!"contains all of his anger and resentment; from real Lady which is, not insults nor attacks him, but merely States proudly that his life is also improved because of the wrong that he did. When Cristina speaks, Thanks to the perfect interpretation of Sandra Oh, the feeling is that those seven years are never passed, because in his mind, as in that of fan, Burke's actions are certainly not been forgotten. Indeed, to symbolize this continuity, the music that accompanies the scene is "Like a Virgin" by Madonna, just the song, in another memorable scene (Episode 4×14), Cristina crowed after learning that Burke had won the Harper Avery Award (meritandolo not entirely: "I was his hands", She stated).

Since it was announced, the news of the return of Preston and Cristina's life caused endless speculation, but almost unanimously you thought (and sometimes even hoped) that the two would have ended up back together. Nothing could be more wrong, apparently as foreshadows the episode title. The declarations of Burke about his private life perfect and happy reveal, not too subtly, a certain dissatisfaction: If you could ignore the consequences, would compromise the stability that gives him his wife former Surgeon (watch case, the same future that included Emma Owen) in Exchange for even one day I could love Cristina in that "consuming way" of many years ago. Yet he resists, While admitting candidly that you wouldn't be able to do it a long time.

And once the question about the presence of Burke to the clinic in Zurich, even the spectator cannot but agree with Cristina: "Everything I have ever wanted is here" says, and it is also what she needs after losing the Harper Avery. With the mastery of narrative that distinguishes, Shonda Rhimes walks us through the reflections of Cristina, We don't feel just spectators but makes us feel the characters, so that, at the end, We cannot agree with the conclusions reached. This has always been the secret weapon of Grey's Anatomy, in all situations: even in the most hateful (for example the betrayal of Arizona with guest star Hilarie Burton), doesn't let us simply judging from the outside, before we always understand the perspective of all and why of each action, There is always a why (After we can judge, and in fact as far as I'm concerned Arizona will never be forgiven).

A bit dismissive of the double crisis Japril: romantic as they are the words of him, the topic was very interesting and definitely more complex, but it is also right that we should enjoy the moment of happiness for the unexpected pregnancy; at least on that, indeed, I agree, for the problems there will be time later.
Unlike what I had planned, Amelia remained in Seattle and Derek also has a permanent transfer; before you take a liking to, but, my co-author R. invites us not to overlook the historical background of the character: indeed, It is partly his fault cause rapprochement between Mark and Lexie (episode 7×03), I have so missed the chance to be happy together, considering their tragic deaths shortly after.

Only two episodes from the end there are no more doubts on the road that will take Cristina, and with the other storyline to make merely a backdrop to his, We just have to take their handkerchiefs and prepare for his "emotional goodbye".


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