Grey’s Anatomy – 10×23 Everything I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right – by S.

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An episode emotionally less challenging than the previous ones, to give way to prepare for next week's grand finale; nonostante questo, the last seconds we have reserved an unexpected twist, just not to rest on their laurels too.

The proposed transfer of Derek leaves me puzzled at least: Although the logical conclusion of his entire useless storyline with the President, is just a useless thing. And if the departure of Christina and Alex's new work seem to pave the way for a new chapter in the life of Meredith, We are however fairly certain that for one reason or another will remain in Seattle (This isn't Glee, with characters from all over America and textures bays for air). We must not forget, rest, Meredith is at a point in his life different from everyone else: Alex is looking for some stability, affective and economic, Cristina needs a new beginning, While Meredith has already achieved these goals, the perfect life that he believed unattainable; to make the most interesting must you and Derek do new and interesting things, something that goes beyond what we have seen so far, and a change of cities doesn't seem the solution. Not to mention Amelia: I already expressed the co-author of the blog about it, opinion which I share, so as far as Amelia looks nice its earlier are very hard to forgive, would love to see her take her brother's place not.

Alex, instead, is always the same and combines casini, I don't think you deserve the help of Arizona; I hope he gets back on his feet and let the private clinic, otherwise it will be difficult to follow him out of the Grey Sloan Memorial without sacrificing the success of the series in General, that just does the Hospital Center of all events, as was another protagonist (see the above reference to Glee).

I don't appreciate even where this is taking the character of Owen, transformed from a man in love with a certain dignity to Cristina doormat; You can't even tell she provoke him, It is he who voluntarily give up to get a life (for example, as when he left Emma but not make any headway with Cristina) and agrees to get caught up and leave by former wife until he will have the chance to do so. I've always been a shipper of Cristina and Owen, but it gets to a point where you have to say enough is enough. Even for us viewers is a pain to attend these kisses already knowing that the happy ending is precluded, I feel like a free nastiness.

No one will hear, instead, the lack of Leah (and don't I act on the patient that has befallen fate this week) Neither the baby bubble and its stifling parents which impede the progress of medical science: the son is fine, stop complaining. A bit monotonous even Callie and Arizona: the characters look a bit flattened by the continuous personal issues to be addressed, by overshadowing the professional life, While in the past they had been able to find a better balance between the two aspects. The same applies to April e Jackson, but then not everyone can find space in each episode, and it is normal the desultory sacrifice of some storyline to allow major to develop properly.

Whereas we are now close to the final, that Chris will be the only big thing, and that traditionally Grey's Anatomy endings offer doomsday scenarios, catastrophic, I don't anticipate further details developments for other characters, If not for Meredith. The thought of four months without the Grey Sloan Memorial causes me already sum sadness, We can't do anything but get comfy and enjoy the finale, as we prepare for a moving farewell.


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