Grey’s Anatomy – 10×24 Fear (Of The Unknown) (Season Finale) – by S.

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Know for several months in advance that we would have to say goodbye to Cristina Yang has helped make this particularly exciting season finale, Thanks to the hype that was created for the great time.

As in every finale of Grey's Anatomy that respects, also this year there has been a tragic and catastrophic event, because some casino helps make things more fun. And once clarified that there was no terrorist attack, Once lowered his guard, Here comes the real bomb: Dr Maggie Pierce. The surprise relative is a trick that Shonda loves, useful to give new life to the plots (Beautiful banner), and that in the past he also worked pretty well: Addison that Lexie were introduced in this way, and their storyline have gradually developed to make them autonomous characters, no more "the wife" and "sister". It must be said that Meredith has already addressed once, with Lexie just, the whole issue of the sister who didn't have, element that raises the risk the repetition; tuttavia, There is an important new element, i.e. for Webber, that character next season will definitely have much more relevance. Despite this I'm quite worried about this new entry: a sister Grey there has already been, and it wouldn't be fair to Lexie's replace, albeit indirectly; It is true that Maggie does not carry the same surname, but one can't deny the importance of the fact that, Unlike the previous Little Grey, Maggie and Meredith are daughters of the same mother, the woman from where it all began. Leaves me puzzled a lot is the fact that Maggie Pierce found out who his mother but has not in the least interested in the father, or who has not tried to track down his sister, but surely there will be time later to deal with all these aspects (even I cannot explain how it is possible that no one knew about this pregnancy by Ellis, but so is).

The storyline Cristina perfectly closes (along with Ross, as predicted my co-author r.), with the right amount of tears and laughter (in my case were contemporaneous). Shonda has done a great job in giving a direction to the exit of Cristina: has not been sudden, It was not an event without explanation but, on the contrary, as noted by Meredith: "There's no end point", is not an end, only one new chapter. We have not seen the greetings between Cristina and all staff of the hospital, but the rest were not necessary: they counted only those other originals of the cast. Although the fast-moving scene with Owen (what a, as explained by Sandra Oh in a tweet, It was the last scene that turned, the last day of shooting), But even more important, obviously, It was goodbye to Meredith. The two have twisted sisters greet, You can tell, in two phases, and both times were exactly what was expected from them. In the first, the words that Meredith pronounced raising Cristina in the cab perfectly summarized their friendship: "What do you need, an I love you or something? I love you"). In later, After the last "you're my person", they do what they usually do: they dance it out, in a beautiful scene from bitter sweet taste.

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As regards Alex, all it does in this episode confirms that work at the private clinic was not her greatest desire: He did it just for the money, driven by Jo, but as he pointed out himself a few episodes ago "money was never the point". Luckily Cristina knows him better than he knows himself and takes care of him: the insults to help him realize the reality and paves the way for his return to the Grey Sloan Memorial; Alex's presence on the Board will certainly not happy Bailey, Once again finds himself as one of his top students.

Cristina also plays another important role: greeting Meredith advises her not to clip the wings of ambition Derek: "He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun: you are". I'm glad that Meredith has followed this route and decided not to go to Washington, Besides Derek promised to step aside to let her career would also. A promise is that if is maintained even at the cost of losing something important, and the point is just that: Why promises should be even more important. Meredith also refers to the fact that his family's history is in Seattle, even the hospital named after her and her mother (What that refers to what I said about Maggie and her surname, that is not Grey): the series will be called Grey's Anatomy for a reason, It is not the Shepherd's Anatomy: "she's the sun.

The Shepherd are still expanding in Seattle: Right now Amelia has its official nickname, which seems to indicate that his stay, as expected, will continue. Meanwhile, in the background we see May, making peace with Mama Avery, Leah who tries a new way (the nurse?), and Callie & Arizona who decide to have a second child with a surrogate mother: No relevant event for any character, but the space was appropriately dedicated to other.

With them forty-three minutes is finished our trip alongside Cristina Yang, without a doubt one of the best characters in television history: ingeniously clever and sarcastic, a determined woman and that doesn't compromise, a friend that during 10 years taught us many things. Soprattutto, He taught us to be honest with ourselves: betraying yourself may be the easiest choice, but it's never the right one. Also thanks to you, When we find ourselves at a crossroads, We will be strong and we will know what is the way forward. And while Cristina, finally put aside the fear of the future, embraces what the future has to offer, We say goodbye and we do what we do in these cases: We dance it out.


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