Grey’s Anatomy – 11×01 I Must Have Lost It On The Wind (Season Premiere) – by S.

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Finalmente, il 25 settembre ha debuttato la tanto pubblicizzata Shonda Night, ossia la programmazione in sequenza di Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal (entrambi anticipati di un’ora) e il nuovo How To Get Away With Murder sul network ABC. Il ritorno al Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital è andato bene, with 10,1 milioni di spettatori, e devo dire che la premiere mi ha lasciata molto soddisfatta.

As with any show so long-lived, find the characters after the summer break always gives the feeling of a homecoming, in a familiar environment; to shake this environment, but, now there's the newcomer Maggie Pierce. Set aside the easy jokes about the amount of Meredith's stepsisters, Unlike Lexie Dr. Pierce doesn't seem particularly interested in bonding with the other daughter of her mother; We did a little something, sì, but he desisted very easily. This has played an important role the clash he had with Meredith on the professional plan, but this is also a delicate ground: Maggie is the cardiac surgeon who has taken the place of Cristina, and this combination of things certainly cannot play in his favor. How to be good and lives up to, to separate it from Meredith there is a emotional baggage in size large, and we know that Meredith might be unfriendly. Things for Maggie may perhaps be better on another front, Richard: aside from the fact that, having discovered the identity of the biological mother, might take the opportunity to get even two questions on father, the two are already very well, What that seems to allow to predict a father-daughter find all Sun-heart-love. A parte questo, the real question to ask is: how the hell did Ellis to conceal pregnancy?? As the flashbacks in this regard have already begun, the answer won't be coming.


As widely anticipated in all interviews in Shonda Rhimes and cast members, Meredith and Alex are the last two originals were and this leads them to join more. Theirs is a friendship that there has always been, but now will require more commitment; as Alex: “Yang left me her shares and her board seat and ... she left me you too. It's just us now”; in this context, Jo's jealousy has no reason to exist and you should stop complaining, Moreover Meredith just kicked by his own bed, that will never be. I would like to, instead, express my frustration with the storyline of Callie and Arizona: Please, just!! Why don't you can stay quiet for a while? After accidents in the car, accidents by plane, friends/former boyfriends died, legs amputated, feelings of guilt and betrayal there is really no need to argue again for surrogate mothers and scholarships? Risparmiatecelo! Us and them! Last but not least we Derek, you finally stop making fuss and found the light of reason, sending wisely at that country Washington and the White House. As commented our reader, Meredith's reactions are always the best: After months of marriage in serious crisis for the work she and her husband's ambitions differing, faced with the decision of Derek responds with a “Do Not!”, followed by “I need to drink”; how much wisdom in this woman! In Seattle a little’ tequila always solves everything.

Nel complesso, the episode did what they do the premiere, IE let us pick up the thread of the situation (not as Bones, where the viewer has been cruelly hit from behind! Have you seen Bones?? You too are troubled?); the new plots were introduced on tiptoe, We were given a taste, just enough to immerse us fully (di nuovo) in the world of Grey’s Anatomy. Obviously, as a true die hard fan, I always expect the best from each season, especially those in which there is Izzie; This year the absence of Chris will be difficult to deal with, It could be a masterpiece as a tragedy. We just have to roll up our sleeves and take a deep breath, because with Shonda you never know what to expect.


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