Grey’s Anatomy – 11×02 Puzzle With a Piece Missing – by S.


The second episode of the season, Grey’s Anatomy already offers a bet Maggie-centric, allowing us to get acquainted with the character and knowing the background very quickly, so that we can immediately come alive. And that's exactly what happens in the final.

This day in the life of Maggie Pierce It is not an easy day, and you don't even understand if you likeable or obnoxious. The first scenes give an image fairly positive: the discourse on “bring the thunder” Jo is a great truth, and the two seem to go rather agree. Unfortunately hereafter Maggie I combines a right: cause the dismissal of Alex, Jackson insults, arguing falsely with Meredith to be stepped on her patient; Meredith does not miss the opportunity to make her feel excluded and little welcome, telling her “It doesn't work like this here”, but he's right and Owen underlined in turn. With Callie and Arizona there is harmony, with Bailey is there only because it exalts with the mapping of the genome, the only one that seems to tie is Amelia, that is what was the latest to arrive before her (and the only one who knows the identity of his biological father). Has polite manners, but there is something about her that does not convince, that makes her look a little’ too full of himself: the outburst had with Jo, for example, was absolutely useless, should at least expect to have due confidence with all before gossiping as if it had been there forever, cannot blame others. I did not appreciate the continuous references to Cristina: If you find an answer to the family of his former patients was a good thing, who earns the sympathy of Owen, stress that “She did what Yang couldn't do” It's not nice, Despite pointing this out that Cristina was technically impossible to do so. It's not nice because Cristina was our God heart surgeon for ten years and this one has just arrived, You may keep your distance for a little while.


Obviously the more complex relationship is the one with Meredith, Maggie, by his own admission, is striving to hate; were not going to agree on the first day and then doesn't want to talk? Despite says she moved from Boston to Seattle just for work, We all know that it is not so: cannot accept to have a sister only if the sister corresponds to the image she had created in the mind. Looks like the reaction of a person used to having everything easy and everything ready, comfortable only in his perfect world and muffled. And this is the element that jars: Maggie is a normal person, fairly happy, on good terms with his family (from which it receives embarrassing gifts that she, in any case, appreciates), no dramas and no paranoia; Al Grey Sloan Memorial is something never seen before. Meredith is “dark and twisty”, Here the family dynamics are always a source of epochal fights, but Maggie is the exact opposite. Indeed, When the two are a small shared plot after the death of the patient, Maggie fails everything again with the final revelation about their parentage: aside from the fact that, also in Grey’s Anatomy, some news should not be so, exactly what he thought of being told? From what little I saw of Meredith expected to run her arms around his neck and invited me to dinner to talk about their childhood? Maybe she was expecting, but it was not a realistic expectation; I thought that Meredith would respond with a “seriously?” but, assuming that Maggie is lying, is even more pragmatic and categorical; It took her forever to find a balance in his family history and has just escaped a marriage crisis, that “What do you want?” It is an accusation Maggie is an instinctive protective reaction of what, with so much effort, He got. But reality cannot be ignored: though Meredith has a point saying that if, If his mom was pregnant, If you would remember, We already know that so it is not. At this point, In addition to wonder why anyone knowing of pregnancy by Ellis, We wonder also: because Maggie is the head of cardiochirurgua if you have 5 years younger than Meredith? Five! What is, a little genius? Just to make it feel more sympathetic!

The other storyline remain in the background but are nevertheless sketched, so you can easily pick up the narrative from next week unless the episode dedicated to Maggie seems to have stopped time in the lives of others. And time is certainly stopped for Webber: Meredith's eventually will have to consider the words of Maggie, how much will it take to connect the dots or, at least, to suspect something, She who knows the history of Ellis and Richard? For a show now in its eleventh season, There's quite a few irons in the fire, and that's exactly what her fans love the most: can't wait for more drama!


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