Grey’s Anatomy – 11×03 Got To Be Real – by S.


Episodio carico di tensione, in cui si delinea chiaramente l’impostazione Meredith-centrica preannunciata da Shonda e di cui si sentiva il bisogno: dopo l’happy ending (temporaneo?) con Derek, indeed, Meredith è stata relegata in un angolo per dare più spazio ad altri personaggi, ma è giusto che adesso riconquisti la scena.

The confidences between Meredith and Alex are the best thing that could come from the departure of Cristina: hilarious and serious at the same time, meet perfectly the nature of the two characters; Alex doesn't suddenly changes personality just because you became the person of Meredith, but the next in his own unique way, other than Cristina but no less effective. In addition, since now its landmark is Alex, Meredith spends the day at her house, that is his childhood home; This condition is significant especially because it enables Meredith to relive his past in the very place where the past has occurred. The rest, who wouldn't remember the suicide of his mother so vividly?!

With the help of Alex and Meredith alcohol should handle crises on two fronts: on the one hand, the new sister, on the other hand, the husband. With regard to the first, the only possible way is to surrender to the evidence, but that doesn't mean that suddenly with Maggie will be all hugs and kisses, mostly because Maggie is the living reminder of what Ellis and Meredith have spent 30 years ago; as always happens in Grey’s, It will probably be a complex relationship that will suffer a slow and gradual evolution, or towards a civil society or from the murder of either by the other! And as if that weren't enough, It gets even Derek with its got issues from premenstrual syndrome. Ora, as the 99% people who follow Grey’s Anatomy, I cheered for Derek from first look, but he's a little exaggerating; Meredith said that they would move to Washington, not asked him to give up the job, let alone has cornered; What was expected, that she would give up everything on the spot to pursue his dreams of neurosurgeon? While it is true that we must make trade-offs, It is also true that that would have been simply bend to his will. Derek claims that the whole world revolves around him, but Meredith remembers well the words of Cristina, you're the Sun (“and he can go suck it!”), now it's up to her to make her career; It is useless for him to make the victim complaining of having stepped back, suddenly become a world famous neurosurgeon doesn't count anymore? Says well Meredith, “We both lost”, because neither wanted the other did what he did.

Exaggerates a little’ also Owen with its moaning because Cristina: as long as he was in Seattle he continually did weigh the decision not to have children, also leaving Emma has led to nothing because he just couldn't overcome that obstacle; and now that she's gone finally realizes that she was the whole family he needed. There is saying that the male characters of "Grey's Anatomy" are particularly unrealistic, but that's not true at all: they too understand things with light years of delay.


Finally, the decision to award the spot on the Board to Bailey It seems more than fair: has eleven seasons that everyone speaks highly of you without ever receiving any official recognition; Although it was hard not to cheer for Alex After everything he's been through, Admittedly it has turned its back on Grey Sloan Memorial at the first opportunity to make more money, and loyalty in these cases has some significance. I hope Jo doesn't indispettisca for this: his jealousy toward Meredith is already quite meaningless, even if, It must be said, so far has given us more bloopers that hysterical scenes; We hope you continue on this wavelength. Change length must be, rather, Callie and Arizona Why, as we said last week, You can't really more! Find peace, Please! Or at least choose one crisis: the too much work to have more children or the fact that one of the two does not want any more children?

The thing that I liked about this episode was the continued presence, between the lines, by Cristina; Thanks to the many references, at quotes and even his name pronounced several times, It was as if he were there, making it easier to process your absence, especially at a time when its proximity would have been crucial to Meredith. The episode scored a series of new beginnings: for Richard and Maggie (because she is always so hostile? He didn't even let talk before you accuse him of infinite malice), for Alex (who is unemployed, and this worries me a lot), for Meredith and Maggie, but also for Meredith and herself: How long will it take, Right now, in order to again make peace with the memory of his mother? In this sense, We can say that we expect a return to the roots, at the heart of Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith Grey, complicated, dark and twisty.


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