Grey’s Anatomy – 11×04 Only Mama Knows – by S.

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“Only Mama Knows” It is not simply a nice episode Grey’s Anatomy, is one of the best episodes in the history of Grey’s Anatomy, those who become milestones, a masterpiece that everyone gave for failed.

The best thing is, Undoubtedly, the way in which the story is narrated by Ellis, or better, the new history of Ellis; for years we have known only one version of that story, but now the puzzle is complete. The use of flashback need to give us the missing information and, a questo punto, the master touch are the old Ellis scenes: all scenes already seen, all dialogues already felt years ago, but now everything is in a different light. Who would have expected that those phrases, apparently so clear and understandable, they hid in an entirely different reality meaning, all another world? The skill is in what said Shonda Rhimes during the summer: the storyline of Maggie was not a last minute idea to revive tired now plots, has always been present, from the very beginning; and there were clues, Shonda said: for all ten seasons the previous history of Maggie was always there, just beneath the surface, There simply were never noticed. The result is to see things with new eyes so very natural. Another consequence of these revelations, as I said at the beginning, is the discovery of hitherto unknown aspects of Ellis Grey: If it was just a great surgeon, an ambitious woman and a bad mother, Now we discover in her those facets that are characteristic of all the best characters in Shondaland: a genius of surgery but also a victim of depression; on one side is appointed young to the Harper Avery Award, and the other tries to commit suicide in front of his five-year-old girl. Strong and vulnerable, Smart and single.

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These new aspects of Ellis lead us to another Grey, that is facing some version’ the latest battles fought by the mother: If it is no longer being the only woman in a world of men, the issue is that the career of Meredith that is much to Derek (sì, Although Derek worked for President!). Meredith tells him finally and four at that obnoxious and annoying husband who finds herself! She speaks the truth, don't ever ask him to waive, Why not part and stands that expression from martyr from the face??! Meredith is right across the Board, I do not support nor criticism of who points out that she would have to confide in him about Maggie: How does he confide in someone who looks down upon because it has a disproportionate ego? Derek nor deserves his confidences! In a recent interview Ellen Pompeo said that, According to her, the double crisis will be overcome: is, in fact, the usual torque Dynamics, that aura of danger that holds the viewer's attention alive, but after all their past can never be this breaking point? I don't think so, and this is demonstrated by the reaction to Derek when he discovers the identity of Maggie: for they can argue and rinfacciarsi things done or not done, Meredith has always been the love of his life. And actually, It is thanks to him that Meredith, After having made clear in his mind and in his memoirs, Unable to make the first step towards the stepsister; It won't be an easy road, It is littered with painful memories, but at least it's a start.

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It will not be easy even for a period Richard: If see Meredith and Maggie make friends gave him a little’ di sollievo, We discover her dark side, and it's a really hard remorse to lug around. He always knew what was going to end his relationship with Ellis, but now had to look in my eyes saying Meredith, in essence, What were he and his envy the cause of her mother's attempted suicide. Now we also know how much the way that Richard did to get to be mature and wise man that we know, Now we know more about his suffering, and in light of what perhaps deserves the happiness that a relationship with Maggie could give him. You can no longer say, I think, that Ellis has decided for him, He didn't have a chance, Why was he to play the possibility; but it has not paid enough? Lost, literally, a whole life with the woman he loved and their daughter.

As for the other characters, clearly the background in this episode of all Meredith-centric, the main thing to say is that Arizona is one of the most horrible person in the world for what he did to Alex, but at least we have Dr. Karev around the hospital, so why complain?

This season's Grey’s Anatomy promises really fine; It will be difficult to have another episode of this level, particularly significant for fans of the first hour, but certainly will continue the return to origins, for a darker and more complicated Meredith, that has always been a winning weapon; is more mature, older, but its nature has not changed: If ten years ago would not have been able to cope with these events, now has the tools to do it, but always in his own way, without ever betraying herself and we. And it is precisely for this reason that we continue to look at Grey’s Anatomy.


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