Grey’s Anatomy – 11×05 Bend & Break – by S.

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Un episodio tutto Calzona-centrico, e già questo pensiero mi metteva ansia; dopo le meraviglie della scorsa settimana, non tolleravo l’idea di affrontare, sviscerare e analizzare l’ennesima crisi coniugale di Callie e Arizona. E invece, come sempre, Shonda riesce a calarci nelle menti dei suoi personaggi, illuminando pensieri e sfumature prima rimasti nascosti.

Over the years Callie and Arizona they've been through really of all colors and every time, with so much effort and suffering, I'm dating, increasingly unite; tuttavia, in every happy ending remained a doubt in the background, a feeling that something was not quite right.

With a month of the two couples therapy, talking and fighting, accusing and kissing each other against the rules, they finally get to the root of all their problems. So far the easy way, at least for me, had been to blame Arizona, because it goes well the trauma of leg amputated, but after a whole season of complaints could not really more; betrayal with Dr. Lauren was the icing on the cake: swore to Callie have forgiven and thereupon withdrew out on the pretext of leg amputated to justify his infidelity. But no, It wasn't that simple: because it's actually true that from the beginning of their relationship the personal choices of Arizona are almost always been sacrificed in favour of those of the couple; not those of Callie, It's not that she was a horrible person, but actually there is no denying that even Arizona did waivers. The specialization that has just decided to undertake worth as much as the revolutionary robotic limbs of Callie but, as noted in the previous episode, It is said they can always both to do everything. What if, allora, We need to find compromises, It's when you try to meet each other halfway that the chickens are coming home to roost, revealing the root of all the problems that I mentioned earlier. The truth is that, in recent years, Callie and Arizona have spent more time fighting and forgive than to simply be happy. As always happens in Shondaland, This too is a universal topic: When it's time to say enough? When it is okay to say "enough" despite the love you feel for the other person? This is one of the most classic romantic dilemmas, that there can be no definitive answer. Tell basta is an act of selfishness or the ultimate Act of love to release each other from a relationship that no longer gives happiness that should? It was interesting to note how, in the month of forced separation, Callie and Arizona come from opposite positions, at the end, equally opposite decisions: It seemed that for Arizona wasn't too difficult to accept the idea of distance, Although not absolute, but that remoteness the door to realize they want Callie in her life (even if it means, I wonder, to forgo the new specialization if Callie asked?); his wife, instead, accomplishes the opposite course and is, in my opinion, with great maturity, who decides to let go of Arizona. “Constantly trying to fix us is the thing that's been killing me”, the says, and could not have chosen sentence clearer: a marriage cannot always be peaches and cream, We all agree that it takes commitment and dedication, but it doesn't even have to be a constant struggle to avoid the tragedy, a constant remedy negative situations. Despite this sad final note, has not yet said the last word for Calzona: as Meredith and Derek, they too are “meant to be”, It seems unlikely that this is a final separation; This of course can only mean one thing: other luuuuunghi episodes of emotional crisis and reports to mend; I really admire her very much for this resistance, in their place I would have already sent all the devil and I would have moved to a remote location to make the hermit!

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Couples counseling has occupied much of the episode, but not everything: Callie's problems are used to bring it closer to Meredith, who is tackling issues which are not very different with Derek. Soprattutto, This proximity is a good thing because it serves as a pretext for introducing other scenes of Meredith drunk; I propose a petition to see her ranting in this State at least once every two weeks, is truly one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen it done (“did you cure death today, Meredith?”). If you can't dance with Cristina, that at least are wise advice in tequila!


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