Grey’s Anatomy – 11×06 Don't Let's Start – by S.

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Classic Grey's! An episode n where there are all the things that we love this series: family dramas, reconciliation, marriages in crisis, Weddings that come out of the crisis, unexpected sex scenes and unheard of medical cases. All seasoned by the kind support, After a long absence, Jackson Avery, the fact that all appreciate (especially her mother-in-law!).

April e Jackson returning players with the arrival of Mrs. Kepner, that is exactly how we expect, namely a April housewife raised to the nth power, with its beautiful red hair and lots of irritating desire to do: How not to worship?! After some resistance, sells the motherly love, but the best thing is the knowledge that Jackson didn't have the slightest idea what to do once the baby is born; Moreover, what to expect from one who has decided to get married in a nano second while watching the woman of his life say yes to another?! Sarah Drew on twitter has ensured that the storyline of April and Jackson will continue to have space, thing that couldn't be happy, mostly because I'm a nice breath of fresh air after all the couples in crisis that we have followed in recent weeks.

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Speaking of couples in crisis, Arizona Finally admits aloud that he had sacrificed his marriage for the new specialization and stops making the idiot figure in front of his lovely tutor (but just because suddenly the other student has disappeared!); the brain tumour very easily justifies all the hazing of Herman, Although I must admit that I kind of’ applauded Alex for Arizona and silenced his constant gripes (“No one forced you to do this, and now you'e gonna pop beacause it's kind of hard and the teacher is mean? Suck it up!”). Alex also has its share of problems with the momentary existential Jo cristi, a crisis so deep that resolves within two and a half minutes with a trivial Declaration of love (but it's better this way, the Jolex deserve happiness and I demand to attend their marriage sooner or later, to erase every remembrance of dreaded marriage with Izzie).

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The real pleasant surprise of the week, but, are Meredith e Derek: After months of visceral hatred can I return to say “Derek, I love you and you're the perfect man”! Certain, This won't be the end of all problems, but I absolutely adored: by Meredith's outburst (“you'e gonna play that card until the end of freaking time!”), in front of which he wisely made the back gear, the way they sdrammatizzato talking about Zola's hair up, obviously, the final reconciliation in the shower. If Meredith needed a time-out from fight, We'd need at least as much as she: Meredith is the lifeblood of this show, but she and Derek together are the backbone, are the air we breathe since pilot; the Sun will also be her but must shine together: to say it with the words of the same Meredith, you'd better be extraordinary rather than ordinary collection alone.


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