Grey’s Anatomy – 11×07 Can We Start Again, Please? – by S.

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Episode Sheperdiano this, technically focused on Amelia but indirectly also on Derek, and in the background the evolution of bond, from infancy to today.The small Shepherd's past is something well known to those who have followed Private Practice, While in the world of Grey’s Anatomy If they have always talked only in broad terms, and that is why the cries of the hysterical woman disrupts the world of Amelia and even our at a glance. That simpaticona could speak with more calm rather than blurt all facts of others shouting in the lobby of the hospital, but don't let us dwell on these details. A Series’ Anatomy the editorial line regarding Amelia is “never forgive, never forget”: Although it is generally very friendly to everyone, indeed, We already pointed out that she is responsible for the lack of rapprochement between Lexie and Mark (and we know what tragedy ended that story); nonostante questo, It's really hard not to stand by his side in an opportunity like that, as Richard “It's the past, and you don't have to defend it”; If today is a skilled surgeon, It is quite unfair to put her in trouble for things that cannot change and will not affect his ability to perform his duty; certain, addiction will always belong to you, but each person is the result of what happens in life, ugly and beautiful events events, You can't constantly rehash the origins of everything, What matters is who is Amelia today. I really appreciated the way she react to humiliation: scared and humiliated, SA still hold his own with Owen (who is only doing its job of primary), don't lose control and, Thanks to paterno and essay help of Webber, able to handle the situation with great dignity. You grant a single vent, against the only person who deserves it: his brother. Say that Derek misbehaves would be an understatement: If you take advantage of the difficulties of others is a low blow, that years ago we never thought capable, do it right with her sister, the sister who had sworn to himself to protect, bring Derek down in his increasingly negative spiral, paining all important people in his life. Fortunately we realize in time to rectify its error, but it is clear that this attitude is nothing more than a symptom of a deeper malaise: for the first time in a long time talk honestly when he says that you do not recognize and does not know how to find himself, but from my point of view should be a regulated. First, the Board of combing wonderfully as he always did, not in that way by a mad scientist, and this would help us find her McDreamy we know and love; After that, might realize they did not have to face any tragedy: instead of whining about losing its role might just be glad, finally, Amelia did not need to be constantly protected, and while there might also appreciate the beautiful work and beautiful family that has. And if you feel appoint once again failing to transfer to Washington swear that the tearing her hair with my hands! This awareness could help him find his priorities and to stop being angry with the whole world, so that the crisis with Meredith finally ends and he can return to being the perfect man and unrealistic that has always been. The theme of the episode is the second possibility, “start over from scratch”, so we wish him to start from scratch and take the right path.

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With a curious exchange of roles, While Derek faces his identity crisis, Meredith, “historically lousy at being a sister”, supports Amelia and begins to bond with Maggie: come sempre, He just needed his time and put it before opening the doors of his life. Maggie is officially accepted into the group as symbolic of each other, the old Meredith (and Ellis), where the chat between friends lightens the tone of the episode and, at the same time, because a pang of nostalgia for all the memories it brings to the surface. The awkward arrival of Arizona makes everything more fun, but this week she too deserves a respite and, above, see share spaces with Alex and Jo is, as the above home Grey chat, one of those diversions that Shonda knows how to use to make the characters more human and real, a way for us to get into their simple everyday life making it more interesting than we'd ever imagined.

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Side note for April e Jackson, who win the Diplomatic prize of the year for the mature and spontaneous way in which seem to accept the beliefs each other: I'm actually adorable and I will be too much controversy, But how do you liquidate a divergence of the genus?! It is a technique that can last indefinitely, especially when the baby is born, but let's take some time: knowing Shondaland, from here should at least childbirth face an alien invasion, a natural disaster and an epidemic of cholera!


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