Grey’s Anatomy – 11×09 Where Do We Go From Here? – by S.

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Finalmente l’immensa pausa invernale è giunta al termine e la nostra vita ha ritrovato un senso: per essere precisi, un senso fatto di tragedie, lacrime e psicodrammi. In Conclusion, classic Grey’s.

But let's go with order and we start from primary tragedy: Meredith e Derek. The fact that he would be leaving for Washington there was no doubt, as is clear to everyone that has become an obnoxious egomaniac with delusions of grandeur, so much so that I insulted him with enthusiasm for the last few months. This does not mean, Dear Meredith, that is still your man (and our) life that we're talking about, so try not to take rash decisions. When I saw her throw in the trash on double post it I wanted to take it to slap; You can have a long distance relationship without having to get a divorce when he started with less than 24 hours (on the contrary, technically is not even party). Fortunately, even the people involved have come to this shocking realization and repeated themselves for half an hour “We can do it” (Obama's campaign seemed); given the current marital situation, un po’ away will only be useful: He will feel again the God of Neurosurgery and she will continue her career, hoping that much just to find balance. But it's a long road, and Meredith will be hard to do this alone: the scene with the aspiring nanny was very moving, that his “I need a person” was loading the sadness that has accumulated for everything he's faced since Cristina's gone, and I hope it is also the time from which will begin its climb to that happiness which has lately lost some’ of view.

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The increase is, instead, long way to April e Jackson; the emotional breakdown of Kepner is served has outline cutting that will take the itera storyline, namely that of a doctor who is also a person of faith; It is hardly a new theme, but it is always a hot topic, especially in the case that this is not a patient but the doctor himself. Sell out at April's faith to find an explanation, to get her to accept what happened? Faith in God will clash with the faith in medicine or will, unpredictably, This combination to help you move forward? It certainly will be a game changer for you both to Jackson, a breakthrough that can make or unmake a wedding whole: whereas we celebrated their wedding one year ago, I very much hope that Shonda has in store for us also a profound crisis of couple: There is a limit to what we can endure, also because this is pretty much one of the few surviving pairs currently present at Grey Sloan Memorial.

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Incredibly, There is also a character that evolves in a positive way, namely Amelia. Now that Derek took away, She finally has space to establish itself, to prove who is instead of just being the younger Shepherd; and the tumor of Herman is the perfect opportunity, his test bench, the winning moment of its independence. Unless the operation go tragically, What quite likely!

Really worthy of note were the performances of Ellen Pompeo and Sarah Drew: as has always been, the first gives her best in the dark moments of his character, While the second, until today, He had not yet had the opportunity to deal with dramatic situations of this magnitude, circumstance which highlights skill so far overshadowed by the perennial enthusiasm that distinguishes its April Kepner.

As winter premiere was quite eventful, exactly what we needed after a long wait: So what, Welcome back to Shondaland!


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