Grey’s Anatomy – 11×10 The Bed’s Too Big Without You – by S.

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This episode Grey’s Anatomy is probably one of the few that is remembered more for the medical case dealt with that for the personal lives of the protagonists; well, almost, I forgot the hysterics of April.

Not that you can blame anything to the poor Kepner: with her mother and her husband trying to convince everyone of his accounts, a slight exhaustion was the least that could be expected. But if last episode, at the time of the initial shock, she had for a moment doubted his faith, failing to understand why this tragedy, now shows the typical symptoms of faith above all else: perhaps less extremist mother, but while Jackson talks about the abortion she already replies that there is a reason God gave them just that child… perhaps God tifava for the couple April-Matthew!

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Meredith, instead, a year later finally uses his 3D printer to print something more useful than a fork, and never in the history of mankind a tumor was so funny. It was also an opportunity to strengthen the bond of Meredith with all sisters and sisters who have acquired around; and as the first step towards the new stepsister was to share with her the working notes of the mother, Also in this case is from the surgery that comes the opportunity for the confidences with Amelia and Maggie, also useful to find out more about them and their lives. For example, observation of Maggie “I might be too good at being alone” paves the way for its first report made in ShondaLand, that the rest has already been announced by authors and producers. It could be a breath of fresh air to see her in this new role: accustomed as we are to the characters dark and twisty, a girl just a little’ lonely will be a walk!

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Also the Herman, after much toil, this time has caused a bit’ of sympathy: you knew it would come to this point, but every time we could see a glimmer of humanity she took care to make it disappear as soon as possible with some hateful statement. The conviction of Amelia to be able to operate his tumor is, actually, straddling the brilliant and delirious, but at this point I really hope that the operation goes well, even for all those poor kids on colored card!

The absence of Derek has not felt for nothing, I continue to argue that a period of separation will be good for him, to his wife, and also to us; I never thought to say it but, Derek, we need to take a break! Deal with it! Meredith, poor thing, is lonely, but then that was the theme of the episode: sun are also Amelia, April e Maggie; and their loneliness, at the end, door to welcome Meredith really half-sister in her life, confirming that we can expect a season absolutely Meredith-centric. And you know that, when it comes to evolution of the characters, Meredith Grey is unbeatable.


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