Grey’s Anatomy – 11×14 The Distance – Review by S.


If last episode I found Amelia basically boring and sometimes irritating, My judgment is radically opposite after seeing “The Distance”: excluding some scene, I appreciated from beginning to end, and I must say it was a pleasant surprise.

I start from the part that I liked less so we take the thought; to even half of the intervention Amelia is locked and begs Richard to call Derek why run to his rescue: what for? At the time I also thought it might be a sign of maturity, recognize their limitations and accept having to ask for help; shame that this was not the sense of the scene or the evolution of the character of Amelia. The problem of not knowing when Amelia pull back but have the courage to come forward; it was only a momentary hysteria that we could easily have save. The agitation is given before and after surgery, but certainly not during. Just those moments of anxiety and tears just before entering the operating room and once uscitane are the ones that made me appreciate Amelia more than usual: I think it is due to the fact that I myself often react in the same way in situations of nervousness: a good cry neurotic before and another after liberating, to dispel the fears and release tension.


The identify with Amelia, rest, was a key element of the whole episode: it was not just those scenes, but just cut the story, the way in which the operation has been described: desire to fight, not to crash never until the end, was applicable to any situation in which all, at least once in a lifetime, gathered. Grey’s Anatomy is not new to this narrative scheme, on the contrary, it can be said that so its focal point: typically the medical case of each episode is a metaphor for what happens in the private sphere of the characters, in real life. Ma in “The Distance” This seemed like the most solid, longer present, perhaps because the medical case what was already known and, with surgery as a frame, it was possible to focus only on the personal side, describing the courage it takes to deal with such important events (of which the operation is to the brain, in background, only one example).


The compliments are, obviously, not only authors but also Caterina Scorsone, who was able to give the right depth to Amelia, finding the right balance for not lead into attitude neither in nor whimper uncontrolled. Being able to create a connection between the public and so strong a character is, typically, the key to his final entry in the Olympus of those characters that we consider as real friends, how they knew all along. Are the characters with which we deal with many different adventures and this week, con Amelia Shepherd, we were all superheroes.

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