Grey’s Anatomy – 11×17 With Or Without You – Review by S.


Did he cheat? The question of the century. After two weeks of doubts, anxiety and assumptions, This episode gave us the answers we expected. How did you react to the revelation? Tears? Acts of uncontrolled violence? For me it was a mixture of the two.

Let's go straight to the point with the kiss of faithless Derek, and the first thing we put it very clear that I hate that Renee from the bottom of my heart, so visceral; can not be a rational attitude, but when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy instinct takes over. Now that we have this certainty we can analyze the episode, and by that I mean “Derek insult”. Something had happened was clear, on the contrary, I expected worse, but see him kissing another was still very painful, as if I had seen the boyfriend of my best friend betray her with an unknown insignificant. Although in the end it was just a kiss, to more precisely interrupted by Derek, those seconds were interminable! The poetic phrases which has turned away from Renee were also somewhat’ too theatrical: it could have been noticing a few seconds before you do not want any outside Meredith, do not? However, must recognize that he could restarsene in Washington to enjoy the attentions of the blue-eyed intern, not pretending that nothing was happening, as the 99% men would certainly have done; and instead, despite the weakness, Derek confirmed to be better than average and, for the sake of her marriage, if he goes straight home.


Meredith thankfully not an idiot and does not let go until he confesses: and if she is right when he says he is back home just because he knew he was in trouble, you can not ignore the sincerity that the gesture reveals. Derek knows that what he did is the result of a long crisis between him and Meredith, but just being arrived at that point made him understand that it was not too late, that could stop and go home to recover their relationship. As I have often said in recent weeks, remoteness has served to Meredith to regain its balance primarily as an individual and as a wife after, but also served to Derek: since it was too dull to immediately realize how much he loved her, had to leave and create a big mess to have this sudden revelation. The rest, This was the gist of the episode: rebuild something that has been disassembled, piece by piece, wondering what to do with the part that moves and seems to have no purpose. Derek has decided he wants to replace that piece also, because without not keep; the difference is that Meredith may be fine without him, simply do not want to do it. I hope that on this front there are no more surprises, if not the normal process of rebuilding trust, because my weak heart can not bear other trauma.


In addition to insults for Derek, but, There were also many laughs for the storyline The, which fortunately has eased a little’ the general climate; I leave in the proceedings on the mother of Owen and her boyfriend, because I would not know how to comment. I understand the usual message of love that conquers all and the need to accept even what we would have expected, but it was really needed this plot? There was already enough irons in the fire, might be better to reserve them another episode all to himself, given that it is still Owen, can not do it as a side dish Jo.


The episode was very nice, because he treated a theme Grey’s Anatomy always very dear, namely that of deciding when it is still worthwhile to risk for love and when, instead, you choose to say enough is enough. And in the midst of these deep thoughts I would like to point out to Derek who made so many scenes to go to Washington and finally threw it all up for a sweet look and two lips: he was saved for a corner, but in some respects are just all the same!

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