Grey’s Anatomy – 11×18 When I Grow Up – Review by S.


Other than Christmas miracles, Seattle there was a real miracle of Easter: Derek is back to normal! After so much suffering, Shonda has finally paid off with a little’ serenity, only reason to remember an episode otherwise insignificant.

Humility suddenly found Derek is definitive proof that all the scenes and fights last year were just whims, to satisfy his huge ego and its delusions of leadership. Which also shows how right he was Meredith decide to stay in Seattle: if he had not followed the advice of Cristina, the crisis is far from resolved and so would all have found the path and now they can live happily ever after, going to football games and dance essays. Feel Meredith list all the wonders of his life makes us want to beat her, as she suggests, but at the same time we can not but share his happiness: Meredith and Derek are now one of the most famous couples of the television landscape, and after eleven years was as if we too, at that time, we realize how fortunate we are to have them in our lives, admiring our wonderful husband have breakfast with his daughters.


But apart from Derek who remembers what he wanted to do great there was little room for the personal stories of the protagonists, and this time to lord it were patients and their stories, obviously the most tragic possible. The collision between these two fronts has created one of my favorite moments of the episode: the policeman (Kevin Alejandro, aka Jesus di True Blood) who takes a fancy to Callie. The scene I really liked, it was like a breath of fresh air, mainly because Callie and Arizona have just need to stay away for a while’ Whereas it had deteriorated their relationship. But if Meredith and Derek has always been natural to think that the distance would serve only to make them closer, in the case of Calzona are not as safe. In the past have been presented as one of the typical pairs ShondaLand destined to be together, forever and against all odds, but I must admit that, after a few weeks of separation, both seem happier now than before. Obviously, May dire May.


A note of tenderness came from the few scenes of Jackson, that even without going into too the question is always trying to keep alive the memory of Mark, a vacuum that actually feels very. I wish that he be devoted more space, perhaps with an event a little’ more significant that the trip of elementary schools, to give it the dignity it deserves (the rest of the hospital is dedicated to him). Side note: Jackson could also cut that horrible beard.


Reminiscent Grey’s Anatomy the episode was emotionally lighter than previous, as happens every time after a big event for us to catch our breath and prepare for what lies ahead in the future. The rest, we are now the final episodes of the season, then the Grey Memorial Sloan is preparing to face, at least, an alien invasion.

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