Grey’s Anatomy – 11×22 She’s Leaving Home – Review by S.


After the ’ dramatic event of the death of Derek, It's time to deal with grief;, process and begin the long process of healing. Grey’s Anatomy It does so with a special two-hour episode, so you don't have to rush events and allow everyone to find the balance needed to resume ’ in hand their lives.

See die Derek had been hard enough and relive those scenes, along with the continual flashback, did not make easy the vision of ’ episode; in this optic ’, I appreciated that there has focused too much on funeral: the real trouble is coming back to live their daily lives, is what you should pay more attention. A practical reason, instead, not to show the funeral was the difficulty of bringing everyone in Seattle, from Addison to ’ whole family Shepherd, for a single scene. Thanks to a skilful game of nuanced and pictures of black hair framed by the right distance, We are sure that Cristina was there next to Meredith (done indirectly confirmed by Alex and very clearly from a Tweet Camilla Luddington), and so just.


The sudden ’ disappearance of Meredith I had mixed feelings, but in general I must say that it is more in line with the character; Maybe he could tell Alex (Moreover he is his person) to be all quiet, But apart from this detail I find it understandable that that House the choked off plant, I needed distance to put everything back in perspective and figure out what to do. The suspicion of Meredith's pregnancy spread online almost immediately after the last episode, and never before ’ now a fan theory was boosted by so fast (Neither couple has never had so much easier to have a child)! Being pregnant does not have certainly made it easier the situation of Meredith, and further justifies its decision to disappear for a while ’. It is taking its time to learn to live without Derek, to accept the ’ idea to continue his journey alone: how well his mother taught, the carousel never stops turning, You can t get ’ off. And Meredith knows well, his departure was not an escape from what had to deal with but simply a tackle with his ways and his times: is proof of the fact that after childbirth is back in Seattle to have restarted from where he left off. When he saw his (huge) newborn girl, finding Derek in she, then she understood to be ready to face the future, and with all the determination it restarted from scratch.


The parallels between Meredith and Ellis (and, Right now, even Zola) have been a mainstay of the ’ episode, continuing a road taken by ’ the beginning of the season: After years of conflict between the two now are unexpected points in common, but it is precisely at the moment seem to be closer that Meredith takes a different direction. Unlike Ellis, He found the strength to continue living without your love, and if Ellis Bled for attempting suicide, Meredith bled to give birth to her third child: Thanks to what he learned from Derek in all these years, Meredith has been able to deal with and handle all the childhood trauma that made it so dark and twisty and make something positive, proving that maturity and that courage that missed her mother instead and that, eleven seasons ago, He believed he could not ever have even you.


All a ’ question is, instead, Amelia: It was obvious that the reaction to the news of the death of Derek was a symptom of a deep malaise, However, that balls! That effort to suffer it even! I understand that it is disturbed, I've lost all the men in her life, but for every ironic battutina l ’ I choked with my hands, It was more annoying than a capricious child. At the time of the scene in front of half the hospital I exclaimed “but Owen you really want to understand this sick of mind?” and unfortunately it seems Yes: with her spirit from CA cannot do unless you go to save it. See Amelia finally give in to grief over the loss of his brother was undoubtedly one of the more emotionally demanding scenes, and i offer congratulations to Caterina Scorsone for engaging interpretation, but this does not alter the fact that, overall, it's really hard to regret for her considering how self-centered (e il promo the next episode doesn't that confirm this feeling).

Similar words should I spend, purtroppo, for April: Despite having gone to risk their lives to help the most needy, demonstrates a level of selfishness only to Arizona with his constant references to the leg amputated: He realizes that even Jackson has lost a son or believed to be the ’ is unique in the world to suffer? Fortunately c ’ was the time jump: I would not have tolerated the months of this idiocy, and I am surprised that they have tolerated Jackson never send her to that country (the returned goods, in the absence of McDreamy someone must dress up the shoes of ’ perfect man!).


The ’ intensity of Meredith's storyline was relieved by bickering couples Bailey/Ben and Richard/Catherine and by flirting with Callie the policeman (support for you!), strategy that I greatly appreciated: already so the tear was about to do peeping, I wouldn't have resisted other hiccups. And it's so, between a tear and a laugh, Once again Grey’s Anatomy is teacher of life: even in the middle of the most unthinkable and shocking tragedies, life must continue, and Grey’s teaches us how to make. Watch Meredith wear the headphones from the operating room of Derek and face the future with courage, Fort of ’ love that tried but aware that he if no ’ is gone while you are still here. His story cannot stop. The carousel never stops turning.

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