Grey’s Anatomy – 11×23 Time Stops – Review by S.


Meredith is back in Seattle, but the return was not one of those soft, that gave time to riambientarsi: is still Grey’s Anatomy We're talking about, expect a natural disaster is the minimum.

It certainly doesn't help the presence of Amelia, that prowls the corridors with dark eyes behind Meredith as the Angel of death ’ ready to strike: Once again can't think to herself. The fact that it is now reacting to the death of Derek has l ’ only the bright side to help us in processing ’ of mourning, given that due to the temporal jump, Unlike Meredith and all other, We have not been able to collect in our personal bubble 9 months. I understand the pain of not being able to say goodbye to his brother, but dump his sadness over Meredith with that nastiness doesn't seem necessary: It is not that you have to kill him, Unfortunately Captain tragedies; It must accept that there was nothing to do ’, and even if you do not want to accept can bask in his pain without deplore anything to one that had to unplugging her husband, let alone can claim to be right.


In style Grey’s Anatomy, at the entrance of the final outline ’ horizon all problems for all couples who seemed to be happy: Catherine and Richard, April e Jackson, Jo and Alex. As regards the first devo dire che Mrs. Avery was not at all polite: We know that you are the owner of the ’ hospital, you do not need to emphasise this pedantic tone whenever you have the opportunity ’; It is clear that this continues to be a clash with Richard, but they did not have solved everything a few episodes ago? Tackling the problem, the day of their wedding, It seems to me more a story's involution ’ that a useful event to stir the waters (thing that there was absolutely no need ’, among other).


You put bad even for April e Jackson: the child's trauma was not enough, So what better idea than to add also the posttraumatic stress disorder of soldiers? I have already expressed my opinion in that regard, when April decided to leave, a choice dictated by poor consideration of the pain that her husband was experiencing; the problem is that if tries to heal itself from that ’ experience, along a road only his, She and Jackson will get more and more, to the extent that it will be too late to recover the relationship. For the record,, the April us soldier also has given us the best scene of ’ episode posing by superhero: one of those who will enter the annals!


Ban is also to Alex and Jo: suddenly everyone wants to get in the army ’ (“go joining the freakin’ Army!”), looks like a ’ epidemic. This couple has me puzzled last episode: a year has passed and yet they all remained unchanged, no step backwards but also no step forward. What happened to all those speeches on ’ be a family? It is true that she had pulled back when he spoke of marriage, but perhaps it is time to get back on topic ’. But she wants to go to war! Because It? The reasons for him not to go do a fold, has done so much to get to feel at home, Why should renounce all? Even she needs to leave, even the ’ enrollment of April had more sense. I have always supported the Jolex, but it seems that the authors do not know where to go to Parry, creating a crisis out of nothing just to give a little taste’ by brio. The situation alarmed me considering the temporary transfer of Meredith and children in their old House: apparently there are people cheering for the couple Wed/Alex. In due time (verrry debt) and forcing myself a lot I might even be able to find a meaning to what, but only if Jo doesn't exist.. Instead she c ’ is and always was the soul mate of Alex ’, There has never been ’ on doubt about this; If you really must have a crisis that they have at least a taste of happy ending first, as was granted to all.

To all this we add the arrival of ’ New postgraduates, that a little’ troubles me because I have not yet used the face of Stephanie and I already see you do the head cocky; We hope that young doctors are more likeable than her. In Conclusion, We are on the eve of the finale and the prospects are not the best for virtually all the characters (for Maggie, COS ’ was that strange phone call?); In addition we have the collapse of the tunnel, I would say that we are all perfect for a classic final to Grey’s Anatomy: Adrenaline, anxiety and tears. Let us trust in Shonda and hope for the best!

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