Grey’s Anatomy – 11×24 You’ re My Home (Season Finale) – Review by S.


For this final I was ready for the worst: given the premises, I was expecting at least a massacre, an alien invasion, a natural disaster. But no, It was a final positive overall tone, except a few tears here and there, full of hope for the future.

If last week we had left all couples in crisis, now the crisis seem to be resolved and the necessary compromises are found. Applies to Richard and Catherine, that in one day have been resumed and married, and I hope that their power negotiation to permanently establish the ’ this topic storage. Also applies to Alex and Jo: their crisis was dictated only by paturnie her and found a natural solution; Alex if no ’ was released as only he knows how to make, that is sounding an asshole half bet but saying one sentence at the end that changes the perspective of the whole situation. His remark on the fact that he had finally found a balance and its place in the world meant that he would not have given up nothing for Jo, meant that Jo was an integral and necessary part of that balance so ’ tried. Finally she realized ’ l, and the two have made that step forward when he felt the need ’ already for a while’.


Fortunately this happy ending seems to silence the increasingly insistent rumors that saw a future for couple Alex and Meredith: play the great family not living together, But while he will pursue his way she will return in her house ever, the one where she grew up. The ’ idea of home built by Derek sold is quite painful, but as always, Shonda can give a logic to what we never expected: How could you sit there without him? Surely I can't imagine a stranger move into those rooms, but the return of Meredith in her childhood House is more in line with his character: must start from a place that is only (or at least above all) his, to learn how to be Meredith again without Derek. Now his family has a new form: In addition to children, c ’ is the definitive entry of Maggie, facing the first family drama of his own life with the help of Meredith ’ (about the ’ would say at the beginning of the season?) and c is ’ Amelia, Maybe he found mental stability; the message on the answering machine of Derek was emotionally disruptive for viewers, Amelia has found consolation even if it is not clear why, Since he did not speak even about her. But are details: These three women are, in a way, all sisters, and now they have found a common ground from which to share together; the motto of “dance it out”.


The happy ending is not worth, instead, for April e Jackson: He finally stopped to step aside (because even his patience has a limit), pointing out in April that was clear to everyone, that was an insensitive selfish ’ for more than a year. As expected last week, April has moved away so much to make it impossible to mend their relationship: She thought about how she could heal, how she could overcome the death of his son, ignoring the pain of her husband. As my co-author r., apparently April is convinced to have conceived his son with the Lord unless it passes even the mind that Jackson may also suffer. It's really a decisive crossroads what you are: If April remain in Seattle, Jackson would feel guilty seeing unhappy, and even this wouldn't do much good for marriage; But if April departed, on his return he should win him back and forgive, very difficult undertaking. Come sempre, We trust in Shonda: a marriage to escape from the ’ altar can not finish so! Put your hands forward previously, but, with regard to a possible reconciliation ’: If it should become a ’ agony continues as happened to Arizona and Callie, rather than leave immediately!


Between highs and lows, comes to the conclusion that since September has been presented as a Meredith-centric season, absolutely confirmed setting week after week. From the arrival of Maggie ’, the bickering family members on career and work, the death of Derek, each event has been thinking about Meredith, He addressed them one after another, overcoming his own limits. And this is the main teaching ’ of the eleventh season of ’ Grey’s Anatomy: whatever the ’ obstacle that life puts in front of you, any unexpected tragedy to occur, It is never the end, You can always find a way to move forward. What ’ 's broken can be mended, whah ’ s hurt can be healed. No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again.

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