Grey’s Anatomy – 12×01 Sledgehammer (Season Premiere) – Review by S.


After a year full of events and emotional trauma (What's new), Grey’s Anatomy is back on the air, putting an end to our long abstinence; Since the season premiere, where the l ’ soundtrack has made by Mistress almost more than usual, you notice the hallmarks of this twelfth season, anticipated by Shonda Rhimes during the summer break: lightness and looking to the future, to start a new phase of life.

Before entering into the substance of the review it is necessary a precondition or, meglio, a clarification: Grey’s Anatomy It is the story of Meredith Grey, not the ’ story love of Meredith and Derek. Do not deny that Derek has represented, in the last decade ’, My romantic ideal, giving me hopelessly high expectations in relationships; do not deny that the ’ love of Meredith and Derek was a beacon in the darkness of ’ my cynicism, one of the few signs that kept my hope alive in happy endings or, at least, the chance to meet someone who can say “you were like coming up for fresh air. It's ’ like I was drowning and you saved me“. But it happens that people die, and the lives of those who remain cannot and does not have to end this. Who face the series of uselessness only to the absence of a male protagonist offends not only the last eleven years, of which evidently have not grasped the meaning, But even those who find themselves in these situations really. Grey’s Anatomy It is not a fairy tale that ends with a happily ever after, Grey’s Anatomy is the life story of Meredith and people around her. The absence of Derek ’, Despite the tears plants, does not detract from the way series, on the contrary, He gives back: as happens to many people, Meredith happiness was taken away, but she still has a future; different from what was expected, but it is his future, and it's time to start living it, continuing to tell his story.


Ciò detto, We come to the point and talk about this first episode. As I said in the opening, you breathe an atmosphere markedly different from what we left behind: more relaxed atmosphere, more irony; It is true that as long-time viewers we are hardened and capable of facing any adversity, But even we have limits. A po’ of peace is granted. D’altro canto, There were some typical features of the series, in particular the socially engaged storyline: This time it was the turn of bullying and homophobia. The ’ approach was the same as always, but I must say that the overall situation seemed redundant at times, as if you were trying to emphasize certain aspects so some’ forzato, rather than let them shine through naturally from the plot. Certainly appreciate, Anyway, are the effects that the story of two young patients in love has had on the medical Grey Sloan Memorial: the fun bunch of Maggie, all ’ irony of Callie until moving tale of Alex. According to some statements made recently by the actors, This year ’ Alex and Jo should be a little’ multiple protagonists: rest, their relationship had reached a turning point, then some news it takes; in particular, Alex really deserves some satisfaction, Maybe something more concrete and definitive small successes achieved so far.


Less optimism pervades, instead, the relationship of April e Jackson; as far as I'm concerned, She already is lucky that he has not blown up with a landmine. Now that made her comfortable and took care of her emotional wounds has finally decided that he wants to speak with her husband; think about it before no? I hope that Jackson does not intend to forgive so easily; no need to reach the extreme of the endless ’ marital crisis of Callie and Arizona, might make him pay until you understand that it was an idiot or ’, Alternatively, leave it permanently; If it's meant to be, He speaks in the future, When the time is riper. Considering the way they married and also their long love, I really think, at the end, one of those couples are destined to be together, but their path is ’ only the beginning. We struggled so much with Derek and Meredith, now it's up to them!


No news on the Bailey, which has predictably got the primary place with one of his typical found; the climate of familiarity was emphasized by the lively presence of Arizona, that was the ironic valve compared to main plots. Closes the circle on report of Meredith and Amelia, perpetually pending, especially after the death of Derek. If at the end of last season they had buried the hatchet and ’ found a meeting point, overcoming the tragedy that had struck, now that they are roommates on old Mer float to the surface those typical inconveniences exacerbated by living in close contact. But it is not anything serious or disturbing, Meredith says well: “I don t ’ totally like you. But I don t have to ’, because you re ’ family, I love you“; These frictions also seem to, then, already solved, creating a new bond and the foundations needed for the new beginning that waits for Meredith, and we with you. It will be a season of transition, a season in which the undisputed star ’ should rethink his life, taking with him everything that revolves around. This means that we, had time to grieve and to adapt to the new status quo, We must now enter a phase, with a different perspective, and think about Grey’s Anatomy as a new series: “I want you to throw everything you think you know about anatomy out the window […] No regrets, and let s begin ’“.

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