Grey’s Anatomy – 12×02 Walking Tall – Review by S.


Al Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital continues to breathe air of novelty and optimism: Despite some tumor and some existential crisis, c ’ is always a positive note to the bottom, especially now that you get to experience first hand the much anticipated new life of Meredith, appointed Head of General Surgery.

The character of Meredith remained fairly in the background, Yet his presence is always crucial for the development of the ’ episode; partly because, as the Narrator, We tend, however, to live all by its optics, with the usual final phrase that always returns to the center of ’ attention; partly because it's still a lot of curiosity to see how it settles his life without Derek; It is true that, with the time jump, time has passed, but it is only recently that she came back to work (the cap of Derek always in plain sight reminds us of good), and that's the ’ environment in which we used to see them together.


The absence of Derek ’, in any case, doesn't seem to weigh that much; more generally, right now I would l ’ the absence of any male protagonists: for those not yet noticed ’ l, Grey’s Anatomy looks like an advertisement on progress feminism, with all these career women (Obviously all intelligent and beautiful) to direct any Department of ’ hospital. Do you remember the power struggles between Derek, Richard and all alpha males on duty? Poor things! CC your!

Emotional dramas Bailey on his first day of primary were quite predictable and equally predictably resolved: his temporary hysteria has given us the opportunity to remember the times we had “The Nazi” and a moment of great friendship between her and Richard, that is always the lighthouse in the darkness to ’ anyone walking out of that hospital ’.


L ’ only serious note and even a little’ sad the season, so far, is the storyline of April e Jackson: She now makes her senses and one who wants to sacrifice himself in the name of ’ eternal love that promised themselves, but as always arrives a little’ late. Jackson is right, She always does what he wants regardless of its opinion; now decided to save their marriage and proceeds undeterred on his way, but maybe you should stop and think about the fact that he has not the slightest desire to go meeting. Surely must mean something. And promises of love were not so vivid in his mind when the ’ dropped for the second time, It is useless to do the ’ offense because he gave her an ultimatum, It's the least I would expect.


Balance this troubled marriage between effusions Amelia ed Owen, they're still there to kiss each other and ignored: for God, put the record straight and state together! The ’ evolution of their history could finally afford to Amelia to show a new side of himself (at least to those who did not follow Private Practice), Because staying in limbo without any thickness is likely to go for a pale replacement for Cristina, While it should represent a viable alternative, or at least have somewhere in your favour.

The season is still all ’ start but are already outlining what will be the pillars of all textures in the coming months; the departure was positive, in line with the expectations and anticipations, and in this respect Grey's ’ hardly disappoint: know exactly what works and what doesn't. For example,, Lately I find nice even Stephanie: the authors are really outperforming.

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