Grey’s Anatomy – 12×03 I Choose You – Review by S.


Despite the cheerful atmosphere and less emotionally devastating than usual, the medical case could not miss tearjerker: and here comes the death of an infant in the arms of Alex. I understand that it is necessary to introduce its storyline this year ’, but, insomma, never a joy this guy.

The tragedy in the life of Alex were not lacking during childhood and ’ ’ teens, but of course the wedding with Izzie could not improve the situation, let alone the bright idea to freeze the embryos because the poor thing was on the point of death. This constant name it during the episode ’ he irritated a lot, but fortunately, the end of the fight between Alex and Jo leaves no room for doubt: Izzie's we don't have to worry about. The only reason ’ both I and my co-author R. We could tolerate that Izzie was still would be the announcement of his death ’. To tell the truth, This hatred towards him comes mostly from ’ for his intolerance performer Katherine Heigl, who thought to precede its delusions of importance to loyalty to the series and viewers. Obviously, I realize that the issue of Cryopreserved embryos was necessary to bring the character of Alex the turning point that awaits him in a long time. Put the record straight with Jo on ’ importance of this affair is only the first step towards a new stage in the life of Alex, that finally will be rewarded to be grown and matured so much, when nobody, Eleven years ago, would give him a chance.


It's up to this week Meredith, with the usual help of Maggie and Amelia, feed the comic vein of ’ episode. With the story of base salary took a little’ feminism and news, but without any moralizing drift. The triumvirate of sisters, Besides being always very funny, allows us to learn more about Maggie, other character which we have yet to see much: and what better time to start than an existential crisis and resulting in drunken Kiss links? Typical Grey ’ style.


More and more tragedy, instead, the marriage of April e Jackson: hear him say “divorce” with that anger has a certain effect car, but I still agree with him. Although c ’ is a sense of behavior April trying to save things, from other ’ cannot be a one-way thing: must recognize when it's time to step aside and wait until he is ready to fix things. Does not mean surrender, but just give it time, otherwise it would be just to force it and the situation would only worsen. Giving Jackson its spaces, instead, that is, doing what she did for herself only, they may, at some point, return to both be on the same page and rebuild their marriage.


Overall this season seems to focus a lot on emotional ties among the protagonists, emotional ties in broad sense more than just romantic relationships. There are the usual couples who are born and die, but a more significant weight is given to friends and family; If before this was confined to the relationship between Meredith and Cristina, now it is necessary to frame it from a ’ perspective: the novelty of the three sisters Grey/Shepherd, the ’ historic friendship of Meredith and Alex, the new teacher-pupil ratio of Bailey and Meredith. In Conclusion, as always the strength of Grey’s Anatomy ’ is the skill with which people can tell and the complex links between these you create, without black and white but in an endless gray-scale ’.

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