Grey’s Anatomy – 12×04 Old Time Rock And Roll – Review by S.


I just spent the last three weeks stressing how this new season was lighter and carefree of previous: le ultime parole famose. After three episodes where we were miraculously devoid of emotional scars, Here is that Shonda strikes again.

Meredith spent three-quarters of the episode to emphasize his newfound happiness and smile full of joy, and this was a clear signal that a storm is all profilasse horizon ’. And in fact. Punctual like vultures on cadavers, Here comes Penny: the face connected to ’ most traumatic event over the past six months, things in comparison be zombies of ice Game of Thrones in the garden would be more pleasant. See you on the threshold, that same threshold where Derek was many times, It was a blow to the heart, and even worse you will see her in Meredith in the next episode. Not that Penny can be accused of having caused the death of Derek, in fact it was the only ’ that seemed to say sensible things in the middle of that bunch of doctors rimbecilliti, but in fact she relates that event ’, and since here c ’ is people who feel a widow for that terrible episode seems legitimate to me vent about her sadness. Moreover l ’ Meredith explained to residents: who gives the news of the death of a loved one, go into your life forever.


Not that the rest of the episode has been ’ less challenging: the patient of Amelia was heartbreaking enough, and obviously if there is a basket case ’ c ’ is always a painful secret in the past of someone, for pendant. This time it was Stephanie, recently less unpleasant than usual, and it's actually hard to remain impassive to its history tears tears; Despite this still fails to elicit the same empathy of other, Perhaps because it was not a story introduced gradually but exploded all sudden ’, without any context unless the case detailed of the week. I found most touching, instead, the ’ evolution of his relationship with Amelia, the betrayal of trust to disappointment appeasers. Stephanie should make peace with Jo: you know for years and has never spoken, It is understandable that Jo you think a lie, also considered the character of Stephanie in General.


The lighter tone (If I may say so) was given, Apart from ’ that is now fixed appointment Meredith-Amelia-Maggie-Alex in the car, from April and Arizona; the most important issue of April, Besides the fact that her husband wants to file for divorce, is that hair: because it is no longer able to comb? Somebody help her, for God's sake! Arizona does nothing if not trying to get back on its feet and regain his balance in life post-Callie (big news, insomma), but its fresh air still managed to dampen tension. The greatest merit, however, in Maggie, with his sudden affair has finally done what is fundamental to work on Grey Sloan Memorial: having sex with animals or subjected, preferably in the Hospital where it is easy to be seen. Finalmente, Maggie! Welcome! The relationship with Daniel seems destined to occupy space in the coming weeks, thing I didn't mind at all because it allows us to get to know this side of the latest sister Grey. The storyline is very ironic and allegra (almeno per ora), and even this cannot spoil.

To take stock of the situation, I would say that things are going by the book: as soon as we lowered our guard, used by the tenor of previous episodes, Here comes the first hit of the season. But us longtime viewers we are hardened: We dealt with everything, Imagine if we put off by yet another ’ the mourning process! Now we prepare with your eyes closed, Shonda: are we ready for the next shot.

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