Grey’s Anatomy – 12×05 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner ’ – Review by S.


A difficult this episode, how difficult it was to frame the reactions and emotions aroused. While watching I was passing continuously from “insomma, poor thing, but” a “DIE, UNCLEAN CREATURE”. Basically we are on the threshold of schizophrenia.

Penny was obviously because of all the emotional turmoil above, and if middle c episode was ’ the risk of yielding to the DOE eyes sorry, the danger was averted just opened mouth. I'm very curious to know what sick mental process did believe that it was not necessary telling Callie this little detail of his past, even before attending a dinner with mid Grey Sloan Memorial staff. For example, the next morning at breakfast, between a cup of milk and a biscuit, could throw there a “of, but I knew Derek Shepherd? You know it is dead because of me and my colleagues unable?”; It doesn't seem that difficult! And although it is difficult is his problem, take responsibility for your actions instead of staying there to make him look scared without saying anything! But the best was yet to come: the ingenious Penny, indeed, He thought it was a good idea to go to work at Grey Sloan Memorial! Not even crossed my mind to cancel the interview, of exile itself, moving to Mars, do not, She goes to work in the realm of Derek and Meredith! If I could the strozzerei with my hands.


With these premises, I'm surprised that Meredith has not tried to suppress it with peas cooked by April. Indeed, I must say it has kept an admirable coolness for longer than I would have expected, but the news of the interview no longer had many alternatives. I also loved his way of revealing the news: No hysterical, without screaming, just a cold “perfect Penny killed my husband“. The screams, however, came shortly after, all addressed to Amelia and deserved of ’ other. If Derek's sister did not have a point in ’ attack Penny, even with some violence, You can't say the same of the accusations that he addressed to Meredith: How do you think you are always at the center of the world? Useless egocentrism dwells in you? It is minimally what faced Meredith? Apparently not, then l makes note, with a rage so unsettling to leave all speechless.

Despite the pain and hatred lived in just one night, Meredith still manages to find the rationality, at least long enough to take one decision: give a Penny to work in your hospital. I don't know whether this is wise choice, but one thing for sure is that Penny should still refuse to offer ’; purtroppo, We have already had several times his idiocy. Surely Meredith won't make his professional life easy: It is one thing to tolerate its presence, a ’ other establish friendly and peaceful working relationship.


Negative words for Stephanie, definable only as “great bitch”. Forgiven Jo for the lightness of last week, It takes little to retrace his steps and reveal all the ’ arrogance that distinguishes (that's why it's so d ’ agreement with Amelia!), with a vent full of insults and saccenza free, only in order to get on the stand and make suck her friend. That Nice, eh!


Thankfully c is ’ Maggie, with its nice hysteria and the nascent history with Daniel, This time is the only ’ to bring some’ of lightness, So really appreciable and useful for all balance ’ storyline. Other important counterweight is Alex, perfectly at ease in the role of Meredith's best friend (Jo has little to complain about, that ’ man can do everything at the same time!).

The ’ episode, the number 250 della serie, It was still beautiful, as demonstrated by the good plays (9 million viewers): It was a synthesis of all that fans love more in this series, i.e. l ’ in-depth analysis, and as painful as possible, of every feeling and emotion experienced by characters. In Conclusion, time passes, but Grey’s Anatomy does not lose Polish.

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