Grey’s Anatomy – 12×07 "Something Against You" – Review By S.


[For reasons of higher order, Although nothing can be defined as more important than Grey’s Anatomy, It was not possible to publish the review of episode 12 ’×06, “The Me Nobody Knows”. In this post I will try, then, to summarize to comment on even the events of last week to fill the gap.]

In Seattle it is time to face the difficult times: Blake came to stay, tap move right and learn to live with it. And the fact that Meredith has to find another hospital where I work is just the first small step in a long and difficult road.

Meredith and realize very soon: She is the first that touches on work with Penny, but put a stone over the past is very difficult if there is someone always ready to remind you, If whenever the two meet the memory of Derek do live together. Just Derek, but, is the key to everything: come ha detto Meredith, He would have found Nice, We would have gotten along. Besides the terrible episode of her death, While unaware of what was happening around him in the hospital, Blake had only positive thoughts, She was the only one who understood something amidst a mass of idiots. Unfortunately the epilogue of that affair has overshadowed everything that happened after, but "he would have even liked her", è vero. So why not give it a possibility?


With a lot of effort, Meredith can really “"rise above"”, and after l ’ l ’ hatred and indifference seems to be able to find the right way; This is also thanks to the comparison with the always wise Richard, but thanks largely to the Penny rant: Meredith was to tell her to stay at Grey Sloan Memorial, and then it is right to act accordingly by his duties as teacher. Remains firm on its position only Amelia, that is not even the issue of how to deal with the situation, you merely raise a barrier and hating all indiscriminately. If it is true that they are the first to dislike the presence of Penny, It is also true that it is now here, might as well find a way to live with it and try to overcome the problems. This filibuster itself has just no reason to exist, does not lead to anything but the worst consequences.


An a priori position, but, It is also one that takes Meredith against newcomer, Riggs. In this case the promise made to Cristina to stay close to Owen, that seems to have good reason to hate Riggs, but this may not hold true for all: c ’ is always that moment when you discover a truth ’, in an attempt to understand and give it another go. Is the underlying principle of any character ever existed in Grey’s Anatomy, and I am therefore very curious to know what this will bring Riggs.


April e Jackson continue their marriage crisis, with her he sees the possibility of reconciliation and ... He talks about divorce; too bad they end up in bed together, a fact whose consequences will surely feel on the balance between the two, already very precarious. I wish there was better shown the mental process that led Jackson to this position on divorce, but maybe those declarations were only the beginning ’: Maybe now, from this sudden rapprochement, that will begin to really decide what to do with their marriage.

I conclude with a comment of absolutely fundamental importance: what drugs have the hairdressers of the cast? I thought April's hair in recent episodes we had hit rock bottom, now (in the ’ episode 12×06) It also features with that crappy Meredith ’ queue, not to mention the new Stephanie: I can only address a number of issues at a time, Let's not destroy the few milestones that we have.

[As always you can find the review also by our subsidiary Jessica Capshaw fan]


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