Grey’s Anatomy – 12×08 "Things We Lost In The Fire (Final Winter) – Review by S.


Shonda Rhimes had advised us on Twitter, saying there would be no need of a support group for the final season; and if l ’ was waiting for to How To Get Away With Murder, It must be said that Grey’s Anatomy It was not for nothing less.

I'm going for the ’ argument for me thorniest: Amelia. That plague you, Amelia. What is the function of this woman over to exasperate those around her? Not to mention the inevitable ’ of self-pitying ’ finals, a fundamental step for the full development of his personality. L ’ balance created by Meredith (But even with Owen) was precarious to say the least, in fact, every gust of wind emerging conflicts; this time, but, you have exceeded the limit of human tolerance. Amelia is convinced to have some kind of right to judge the lives of others, but above all it is believed authorized to force his presence in the lives of others, even when it is not needed even when you specifically ask not to. The ridge is the crisis of jealousy towards Cristina: but I really thought Meredith were something to her rather than to his twisted sister? After all these years should have realized that Meredith has never taken the spark: a tie is now just the memory of Derek, certainly can not expect to be one of its priorities. Do the ’ offense to being cut off from each other is just the ’ another demonstration of just how selfish and capricious: first of all should keep in mind that his relationship with Owen is still not well defined, It is not clear what they are or where they are going, and if this wasn't enough I note that Meredith is not Owen's friend for a favor to you, the bond between the two of them and Cristina goes far beyond his presence and especially well beyond his comprehension skills. Unfortunately, Amelia is unable to face this harsh reality and think well of ributtarsi in its dependencies, So unfortunately for us we get to know her even better after the winter break.


Cause of rupture between Amelia and Meredith was, as I was saying, the mystery around Owen e Riggs (that despite knowing of being hated by the entire hospital ’ does everything to be as obnoxious as possible); After so many gossip got a partial truth: These are family matters (Although the hypothesis of ’ hot Arizona was equally valid). It remains to see what happened to this sister, definitely nothing nice. It does not seem there is some possibility to find ’ for meeting points now, then I predict for this storyline a slow and tortuous journey. Well, We wanted some more drama!


Sore even for my darlings, Alex and Jo: I always thought that she was the right girl for him and ’ I criticized when, in the past, He was jealous of Meredith displayed without any justifiable cause. this time, but, Jo has a point: aided by the fact of feeling unsatisfied and neglected even at work and colleagues (Although Stephanie finally is back on his feet), the criticism that moves to Alex are true. Meredith l ’ has treated badly several times, and even if there is ’ an engagement ring he can't remain indifferent, virtually ignoring it and putting it in the background. I have no doubt that he did not intend in any way to make her feel so, but perhaps the ’ has taken for granted, that is the biggest mistake ’; It shows that his “’ she's the only one I can count on” referring to Meredith. Far be it from me to deny the importance of their friendship ’, especially now that all the others in the group are gone, but perhaps it is a tad did get carried away and lost sight of priorities. His declaration of love Jo ’ at the end of the episode confirms the goodness of his intentions and, above, He seems to have really ’ l heard and understood what the problem, but at this point I give for granted that Jo accept the proposal; of course there are the ’ atmosphere and spirit right to decide to marry.


Last sentimental crisis is that it consumes between April e Jackson: She is a little’ childish in trying to avoid the topic ’, but actually is not an easy thing to talk about.. Unfortunately, the Japril are still very different pages, seem to be moving in opposite directions and the light at the end of the tunnel, assuming that there is, It is still a long way off. If one side is right that a crisis so deep we put time to resolve, without hurry only times to give us a comforting happy ending, from the other side ’ I hope it becomes an infinite epic ’ as it has been for Callie and Arizona; I think that for them has not yet named the ’ last word, but those constant wrangling have not helped.

I conclude with a ’ remark on this season's soundtrack: Grey’s Anatomy has always stood for spot-on musical choices, but this year ’ note a pleasant preference for popular songs, of course adapted and revised. L ’ teenage girl in me has greatly appreciated “Oops I did it again” Britney Spears's two episodes ago and, this week, “As long as you love me” Backstreet Boys: listen to these new versions and combined certain scenes, have a ’ atmosphere before unthinkable. Once again, the twelfth season, Grey’s Anatomy never ceases to amaze.

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