Grey’s Anatomy – 12×09 The Sound Of Silence – Review by S.


After a long winter break is finally returned the Shonda Night, and came back with a bang: Although the ratings of Grey’s Anatomy are slightly lowered than the mid-season finale, indeed, l ’ episode was really unforgettable.

“The Sound of Silence” is the much-anticipated episode directed by Denzel Washington, and it's a small masterpiece; the credit goes to him, But even authors and Ellen Pompeo, holding standing alone the whole plot to 40 minutes, without missing a beat (And that, If this were a just world, deserves at least one Emmy nomination).


And they were 40 minutes really intense, not so much because they feared for the fate of Meredith, as for the way in which the ’ incident and healing have been told, dwelling on every detail and making l ’ anxiety, the bewilderment and frustration distinctly perceptible. The key is, precisely, that silence of title, oppressing, chokes, takes your breath away and seems to destroy everything around you. Is silence when no one realizes the attack in Meredith, the silence that surrounds when temporarily loses his hearing: that's how it is made perfectly the feeling of isolation in which they find, isolated because they do not feel isolated because bedridden, silent, away from her children and no more Derek to lie next to her. But it is precisely in this condition that Meredith realizes not be alone: “It turns out I have a whole damned village”, and is this not the first time that is allowed to think of someone other than the husband as his family.


Principal family member is Alex, irreplaceable reference point, just as she is to him; but for the famous principle that “If you love someone you have to let it go”, now that Meredith has made to still be beloved and knows not to have to face the future with his own strength, is ready (finally) to let Alex alive his life and go back to Jo (a note of ’ author: If Jo doesn't resume beginning a hunger strike).


Only negative, purtroppo, la presenza di Amelia: I can't find the right words to define the level of annoyance that elicits this woman. That should feel guilty towards Meredith no doubt, but that doesn't mean I have to once again feel at the heart of the matter. No matter what happens, He can never see beyond itself, his egotism did not really compare. Now he wants to give it up for ’ also 30 days of sobriety… Amelia, you announce a shocking news: We don't give a damn. Your new battle against addiction doesn't make you more deserving of understanding, you're still a whimsical selfish, so try to grow or outshone permanently.

Thankfully c ’ is Richard who brings calm and wisdom among the emotional imbalances of all, and once ago by Meredith's father teaching her to forgive, a mandatory step to finally look ahead; so far, indeed, What Mer did was only survive: alone, roll up your sleeves and tackle the job and life as a mom, shutting out everything else. Now I can stop hating Penny, by Derek to be gone, and hating herself for having hated Derek: Now you can close that chapter and resume his life really.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Masterpiece

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