Grey’s Anatomy – 12×10 All I Want Is You – Review by S.


Meredith is so used to getting dark & twisty, to refuse to open up with anyone all ’ except his circle of the elect, to take refuge in solitude and in his inner demons, that she became aware of how much has changed over time.

As pointed out by the same Meredith the therapist, flaunting great calmness and serenity, He's been through a lot, a worse of ’ other; but all those tragedies have helped make her a new person, more mature and equally strong, just in a different way. Until a couple of seasons ago the merit of this change went largely to Derek, that with ’ unconditional love towards her taught her to let go and enjoy a happy ending. But the star here is Meredith, and after her husband's death, her life continues: cannot make the widow alone forever, Manco had ’ in het ninetieth years. L ’ attack suffered last week is what triggers in you this awareness, together with the realization that it is no longer the dark & twisty of yesteryear: She thought she needed to be alone, to loosen all to get better and recover; l ’ did almost automatically, but this time it didn't work: “they left me alone”, and for the first time did not went well. That's because Meredith continues to grow, even without Cristina, even without Derek, Meredith doesn't stop and his life is now filled with many people who are his new family: c ’ is Alex, irreplaceable friend, There are Richard, Maggie, la Bailey, Callie; c ’ is even Penny (that is still better than Amelia), and there are his kids. What more could you wish for? See her finally accept l ’ affection of who's around, for us that ’ we have followed since the pilot, is the greatest satisfaction, something to be really proud of her.


Different situation, instead, for Owen, He still fights against Riggs: We know it can be stubborn, and in fact the situation has not changed even after the ’ performed together, that looked more like a dance around the surgical instruments. Purtroppo, more the relationship is close more quarrel is severe, and here it really seems that the road ahead is still a long; confirms the partial revelation of Owen, Although I would have preferred that the recipient of such an important thing is not a little person as reliable as Amelia.


Light at the end of the tunnel we see, finally, also for Alex and Jo: He really learned my lesson, just needs to be forgiven, and she, rest, How can you resist that pretty face? Brava Jo, just play hard and lose time in vain! Life is short, at least you guys enjoy it as long as you are both alive, without airplanes that precipitate or exploding bombs!

Nel complesso, a good outing; nothing great qualitatively but, as often happens in Grey’s Anatomy (at least for those who can look beyond the circumstances and understand the nuances of each character), important for those inner changes that, in background, have always been at the heart of the series.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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