Grey’s Anatomy – 12×11 Unbreak My Heart – Review by S.


Monothematic episode, this week: the 40 minutes were in fact devoted entirely to April and Jackson, the couple of the moment; doesn't He foresaw nothing good and l ’ expectation has not been rejected but, to surprise, There have been unexpected implications.

L ’ episode was anticipated as “Japril – The Movie”, and actually the definition seems appropriate; There has been limited to give space to the characters but it is traced throughout their history, through continuous flashback and maintaining the common thread through an old patient of Jackson. The flashbacks have not only filled the gaps showing us things not seen, but they also shed light on new aspects of familiar events, out of snippets of conversations that we wanted one way rather than another; reminds a little’ the structure of’episode devoted to Ellis, that put each piece in place to give us a complete and unbiased picture of the complex ’ woman who was the mother of Meredith.


Relive the history of Japril It was something I didn't expect with great curiosity: Despite knowing that the context was all ’ other than allegro is always nice to relate to old photographs and remember details now hidden in memory; rest, the sudden escape in the name of true love does effect even on more cynical. Yet something in these flashbacks has me a little’ delusa: to April and Jackson has always been a story a little’ fairytale, and going to dissect the ways some aspects has lost some of the magic that was Mantled. Their wedding, for example, It's one of those things that would have been better to let all ’ imagination, to avoid damaging l ’ romantic image that had been created to see them run away together. Ora, instead, How cute they were at the time of the celebration, We had to put up with all the bickering about the priest and the Justice of the peace, not to mention the nth religious pretensions of her when she visited her parents: April, Sorry, but are you crazy? For more, Besides being an annoying argument itself, the religion of her ’ and atheism is a speech already addressed, We viewers we now for filed; not that there's anything wrong, but April is really exhausting and no one had any desire to start discussing of prayers and Church.


I can not give reason for April nor on mourning the loss of son, as I said since he had the vocation of ’ army; admitted and not granted that she could be worse off than him after giving birth to Samuel, continue to forget that even Jackson has watched her son die, and I can't really understand where do you find the conviction and courage to tell him “you were fine”; I am appalled, the only possible reaction would fill it with insults. Is so stubborn that doesn't yield until he tells her that no, She wasn't at all well, but was she; “I was putting you first”, that is what you do in a marriage, Dov ’ was her when he needed someone to help him? April has helped only herself, and even when he could think of the husband, before leaving the second time, chose not to, ignoring l ’ ultimatum to him. Now cannot accuse him of giving up and not wanting to fight, She was the first to overlook their wedding and now it's only fair that you pay the consequences.


After endless discussions (at some point from ’ ’ pride and exasperation dictated more by) and useless sessions of couples counseling, April capitulates and accepts the reality: Jackson will divorce. And it is on this occasion that May take the only intelligent decision in recent years, that is, do not give out pregnancy to avoid divorce; even she realizes that forcing Jackson to remain next to that baby would be an act of hatred and rancor more than ’ d ’ loving, you need to let him go; must each take over for power, one day, Start together. It is possible that this child will help them draw closer, but surely it can't happen now, now that I'm further away than ever; When they learned again to love l ’ a l ’ other, can love even the son in a healthy way and putting himself behind each argument.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned concerns, with the final breakthrough l ’ episode finds its enamel: l ’ unexpected pregnancy, I have to admit, took me off guard; It only remains to hope that April won't start again for the tangent and address the issue with the maturity shown in recent minutes.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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