Grey’s Anatomy – 12×12 My Next Life – Review by S.


After weeks of episodes dedicated to specific characters, always emotionally challenging and with big implications for their storyline, We switched to a lighter and more choral episode, but not without touching moments.

This week we picked up the ranks of the lives of almost all, by Jo and Alex at Arizona, by Maggie at Riggs; and it is no coincidence that all are present in what was a kind of tribute to Derek: We saw the mourning of Meredith, with her we told him goodbye, We have partially experienced the pain of Amelia, but we hadn't thought about Derek in his environment, the Grey Sloan Memorial: l ’ had hailed as husband and brother, Now l ’ we reviewed as a surgeon. L ’ occasion was the return to the hospital for Katie Bryce, patient of Derek and Meredith in the pilot, their “surgical child”, as Amelia. Review those old pictures is always exciting, but now at last we can see them smiling instead of pain struggendoci, It already is a big step.


The presence of Katie also serves other purposes: da un lato, lay the first stones in reconciliation between Meredith and Amelia (yet still far away), by ’ other serves the same Amelia to address (di nuovo) and overcome (Hopefully) its inferiority complexes towards the brother. I must say that this theme is now a little’ stale, isn't that every time she gets better to drink you have to start over all process of self confidence; I understand that actually works so, but we don't give anything to see him. The same applies to the relationship with Owen: by peace, Amelia, from peace to this poor ’ male. Considering the time jumps that there were in the plot are almost two years going ahead with this push and pull: In addition to no longer be very credible is really exhausting, I very much hope that this is the right time to take the next step.


Drifts the happy ending even for Alex and Jo: as much as you irritate me that did not go smoothly, It is right that she did not accept the ring (If the ’ had wanted to really l ’ would have worn, as pointed out by Stephanie), now in this situation say “sì” Alex would have been forced and would ruin everything. Evidently it wasn't the right time, but it is equally clear that that time will come, and I am sure that then will be perfect, How can be the most romantic moments emerged from the pen of Shonda Rhimes.

Stay a while’ in the background all other: Maggie and Dai to deliver us always a few laughs, Richard and Arizona to lighten the tones, Riggs first confessions about her past and, above, April with his secret, that will remain so not for long; I hope that the revelation of pregnancy is treated with a pinch of light seen in this episode, because another psychodrama Japril theme can't stand, better lighten l ’ atmosphere and postpone some’ the poignant reckoning.

This also a great episode, one of many in recent seasons, demonstrating how Grey ’ s has reinvented itself and regain the right way after a few dark years; and doing so well after 12 years of airing is really a point of excellence that only few series can boast.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV.

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