Grey’s Anatomy – 12×13 All Eyez On Me – Review by S.


A “episode intermission”, This of Grey’s Anatomy, where nothing happens by relevant to ’ latest scene; all the storylines are more or less suspended, to distract us a bit’ in view of the next wave of various events and possible and to prepare the ground for the turning point in the life of Meredith.

Of course is Grey’s Anatomy that it is, so even an episode like that is never exactly normal: This time we witnessed the miracle of Dream Team, and as always the surgeons of Grey Sloan Memorial appear to be Angels from heaven in a world populated by incompetents. Difficult even idly all ’ operation itself, with this soldier leg adjustable stand vaguely disturbing, but who are we to argue with Callie? Come sempre, l ’ the operation is also a pretext for various musings on the human condition, and this time Meredith teaches us that sometimes get spur from those around us is not a bad thing, sometimes stop resisting can do well.


The rest, who knows better than Meredith? He has spent a lifetime learning to be alone, and has become so good at it that not even notice of you drop; l ’ has created during the post ’ assault: you don't want to be alone and, for once, they were right everybody else that they were constantly around. The next step to achieving this awareness you will find the courage to stand, really, with someone else: but it is not so much courage to embark on a new relationship, How to accept a chance to happen, to recognize up front to themselves and to others that Yes, There may be a new man. Obviously if there are cool to Grey’s Anatomy Manco make them bring, and that's how it comes into the picture the beautiful Will Thorpe (starring Scott Elrod), ’ piercing-eyed army doctor at Jackson Avery: He will be the new love of Mer or will just be a Flash in the Pan?


I really like that the potential new partner has been presented in a different guise than the colleague and in a different place from Grey Sloan Memorial: too many memories, too many similarities would have sentenced departing this story, While thus c ’ is more breath, more ability to maneuver without being left with another in those points of Derek. Of course if you take will not be forever so, but at least the first step has been the right one.

Feel (and I read) already the complaints by some fans, screaming at the outrage and lèse-majesté, that will threaten not to look more the series because without the couple Meredith e Derek nothing makes more sense, and the nature of the show has been betrayed and so on and so on and so forth. In these controversies I respond with the same words that I used immediately after the death of Dr. Shepherd: the two of them together have taught us the great love, but the main character is Meredith Grey; and if he is dead, her life continues and see her take courage in both hands, “as if no one was watching”, in order to know Will it should only make us proud of her.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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