Grey’s Anatomy – 12×14 Odd Man Out – Review by S.


After twelve years Grey’s Anatomy view to still play very well his cards, and it does so without inventing weird stuff to try and impress, but with one of his classic moves: the romantic/emotional clifffhanger.The second season ended with Meredith faced with a choice between Derek and Finn (onestamente, But how could never cheer for Finn?), at the end of the third, there were the cryptic words “’ it's over”, spoken by Meredith and directed more to Derek that Cristina and Burke jumped at the wedding; fits perfectly in this wake the ending of this episode, with Thorpe that officially invites Meredith to go out with him. The significant difference is, once again, l ’ evolution of the character of Dr. Grey: If in the first cliffhanger was a confused girl and the second was all his ’ stage dark and twisty, that took away those who loved, now located at the opposite pole; After learning to be allowed to love Derek, is finally ready to do it again, beginning to its future. What will respond to Nice Thorpe? I'm all about no: does not seem at all interested in him, rather it is glad of the attention received and be able to give him her number: a kind of personal achievement entirely independent of the male counterpart. I think this is just the ’ catalyst event, l ’ event that put it permanently on the market waiting for a relationship with someone that is closer (Riggs?).


More space was given to The, that once and for all clarify his differences with Meredith: to be honest I didn't see the need for this fight nor, even before, to put them into opposition with other ’ ’ a l l; the only good thing is that the brief dispute has served to establish conclusively that all support for Alex and Jo: If she tells Meredith, then dev ’ be right. I hope that this new certainty take a little’ extra attention for the pair of Jolex, you deserve a little’ of leadership and some good news, instead of being always treated like fillers. It's time for redemption Penny, that after capturing Meredith also enters into the good graces of Amelia, and manages to do so only thanks to his skill and his tenacity: Let us tell the truth, anyone in his place would have already quit, for that you have to admire her.


There ’ is nothing to admire, instead, in April: the new setting to avoid exams on child borders on an unprecedented level of idiocy, and the lecture that trims to Alex does not make it worse. I don't know how it's possible, but now believes that hide in Jackson pregnancy is an act of mercy towards him, not to inflict more pain. But it's dumb? If I agreed not to reveal this to her just to avoid divorce, now the talk is different: April tries to cloak its actions a vesta of piety and generosity, but really he's just doing again what you think, thinking that blathering nonsense on the suffering of Jackson's for some way to redeem his sins. I'll give you some news of ’ live newsfeeds, April: doesn't work at all. Obviously when you decide to deal with this is a tad late, and from the face of Jackson can say he did not take the news very well: fasten your seatbelts, new quarrels all ’ horizon.

Its instabilities, unintended pregnancies, new loves and so on and so on and so forth: What more could you wish for?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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