Grey’s Anatomy – 12×15 "I Am Not Waiting Anymore – Review by S.


Two are the main events of this episode: Meredith's response all ’ invitation of Thorpe and l ’ immeasurable idiocy of April.The return from the Easter is always tiring, so I start from Meredith who at least is a harbinger of good news, so in the meantime these couples of hours the energies to insult Kepner. Therefore, com predictably ’ Meredith is quite uncertain, find the courage for a first date is harder than expected. The contrast between the ’ excitement of Maggie and Alex's skepticism was very funny, and it is perfectly served to explain the contrast interior of Meredith, without her saying a lot. The scene where he gets discouraged because he has nothing nice to wear is worth a thousand words, and it's also a feeling that anyone can be reflected; more sad, instead, was when, tightening the bonnet by Derek, She went to talk with Thorpe: not because it was wrong, It was just a very melancholy; “wand lose people and than we find new ones. That's how it works“, said Alex on wise. Eventually Meredith is the right way to let go: nothing demanding, no heels and drinks, only French fries and tales of surgical operations: one small step for addressing the news without leaving too your comfort zone. And Thorpe also seems to appreciate, intended to remain, contrary to what I had expected? But, as they say, “whatever happens will be a success”, because what matters is not finding a new love, but only open to life again, Although the ’ date will be a disaster.


And now we come to the nerve, to the one who would get hate even from Mother Teresa of Calcutta and pushing violence Ghandi: Let's talk about April. We were all d ’ agreement on not revealing pregnancy only to avoid divorce, This is the only thing that ’, in principle, You can agree with her not in Jackson; pity that in record time she proves once again to be just a big selfish. It is undeniable that he has used words during that placed in hospital, as it is understandable that you do not wish to address the issue that way, but with great maturity he has apologized and offered to seek a compromise, While April's new hidden behind a purportedly altruistic gesture (“I told you ’ not because I wanted to spare you a new suffering”) While in fact acted thinking only of herself.

But Jackson It's not a stupid and, per di più, the familiar, Imagine if casca this boorish trick: She has concealed the pregnancy not to suffer, She hid her ’ to prevent that he could even talk about abortion. We are all for feminism and for “the body is mine and I'm running it”, but from there to inform him not even to be father there passes. April sees life in black and white (the last straw, in a number of shades of gray of ’ human existence its raison d ’ be), or you do it his way or there's no deal; the way Jackson denies any say in the matter just because “’ you're not my husband” is abhorrent and disgusting, other than Christian charity. As in all things important, to begin the ascent, first touch bottom, and for April and Jackson the road is still very very long, made more difficult by the risk that this baby is sick, What that multiplies exponentially the tension and gravity of the actions of each.


And in this situation there is Arizona, because they needed someone to throw the bomb, but unfortunately now must suffer all the consequences: You can understand his good intentions but it's hard to justify it. Despite this, in my opinion the tragedy between April and Jackson would be consumed perfectly even if it had been the same April to reveal pregnancy (with a considerable delay), was it really necessary to introduce this new altercation with Arizona? The quarrels, purtroppo, the menu also on other fronts, and for once you Owen in losing his temper after yet another confrontation-confrontation with Riggs. I have to say that the reactions to Hunt for the fate of his sister seem to me to be getting a tad exaggerated and, above, If things are as we have just said Riggs, It's hard not to agree with this ’ last. And the reaction of Owen, that gives way to despair and beer, seems to confirm that there's any truth in the words of his former friend; the thing is obviously not pleased to Amelia, and on this point I do not know how to ask: I am so glad she is gone from the caravan leaving l ’ drunk Owen behind, Why stay would have been risky for his sobriety and God save us from a ’ another relapse of Amelia; d ’ the other hand, is Owen by endless months insists and continues with Amelia, now with this genius we have to start all over again? Please, just, take a clear decision.

In Conclusion, a big mess: There ’ is peace for no one (even for Maggie and Daniel can see clouds all ’ horizon) and oddly enough this time Meredith is the only ’ to be nice and quiet while everyone else damned with their existential dramas. A really great episode, but maybe we do that for next nobody quarrels and all love each other?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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