Grey’s Anatomy – 12×16 When It Hurts So Bad – Review by S.


An episode to catch my breath, to put temporarily paused all tragedies and revolutions in progress and look at it with some perspective. At least until the final JAB.

Meredith He could be ready to see a new man, to chat and leave a little’ go, but apparently was not ready to go beyond: This is demonstrated by the hysterical reaction mixed to panic the next morning, When he wakes up and sees Will in her bed. Obviously this does not mean that it should pursue a cloistered life, only that will make things more calmly. The funny reaction from housekeeping maniac (I agree very: make order out helps you feel more harmonious in!) has already been a first step in the process of elaboration of trauma, culminated in the discovery of old blanket of Derek. The discomfort of Meredith is told so mellow and at times ironic, It makes me smile because it is something in which all, più o meno, We can reflect: in un modo o nell’altro, many people have to access to life After the end of a great love. Once again some extreme fringes of fans did not understand the point of the speech: no sense crying all ’ outrage because only Meredith and Derek were the symbol of true love and so was destroyed everything, MICA l ’ betrayed! It happens that people die, We must bury us alive we? For sure revisit those images of Meredith and Derek the fireplace will not leave indifferent, but you can't wallow in despair: Neither Meredith does more, slowly those images will become precious memories to cherish with love, you don't remember cumbersome that stifle the future.


In future we also speak for Callie, standing with Penny for some time but had not yet posed the problem to submit her daughter or to tell her “I love you”; and you don't even understand why you post so many questions, given that just a chat with Bailey to make them realize that Yes, be sure that Penny is his future. Could not get there first? Certainly the one scene was a blow to fans of Calzona, they were hoping for a sudden repentance of Callie, but the return with Arizona at the moment it seems farther than ever before. No future, instead, for Amelia ed Owen: the couple never excited especially, but at least now the situation is clear; I hope it stays that way, because after months (technically years) of back and forth without ever build anything would also should go beyond. I am more sorry for Maggie and Daniel, but it is a break from script, I don't lose hope to see them together.


You put, instead, very bad the future of April: She had advised Riggs than was feared the mother-in-law, Yet the two coaxing to fall in with both feet into the trap of Catherine Avery. This woman knows more of the devil, and what May be wrong down the line I don't know whether to add to the picture a nice legal battle is the best thing; It sure would be fun to see his face when he discovers the news, but I would propose to confine ourselves to the fury swipes in the corridors of ’ hospital. The rest do cause all ’ ex-wife seems too even in Jackson, which is as good as the bread and, how you're mad (with good reason), just want to find dialogue and a meeting point of ’. If you deploy with his mother would be a tipping point for Japril, How could they ever get out alive? Ah, What a nice storyline! Thank you, Shonda!

Also this week a great episode for a season that has been confirmed as the revival not only of Meredith but also of the series, which in recent years has undoubtedly found that ’ former glory that the ’ made it a Pearl of the television landscape.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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