Grey’s Anatomy – 12×17 I Wear The Face – Review by S.


After some very good quality episodes this season subsides slightly with “I Wear The Face”, where the storyline is not lacking but, purtroppo, you notice some derives from soap opera that pervades all forty minutes.

There are three main plots that occupies, and all three seem to be carried to extremes (even for Grey’s Anatomy), losing a little’ of that credibility and ability to put themselves in the characters that instead, usually, distinguish them. First and foremost, We have the eternal clash of ’ Owen e Riggs: If your version of Hunt seems to change the cards on the table, revealing the unspoken truth of ’ ex friend, her reactions seem ridiculous anyway. Do also note Meredith who looks crazy, and the fact that might be right does not change the situation: should be together instead of giving medication for every little thing. Soprattutto, both should openly confront the problem, It can not be more than half-sentences and half-truths; also because it is likely to remain mired in a plot that goes neither forward nor backward, un po’ as the relationship between Owen and Amelia.


Exaggerated seemed to me also the reaction of Jo and Stephanie Penny's candidacy for the scholarship: While it is true that they are all competing with each other, It also takes courage to believe that Penny was all a ’ cunning strategy (even we were talking about Stephanie, to say); It's not his fault that proved to be better than others and, on the contrary, becoming enraged so make us a bad figure: It means that they granted their friendship only if she kept always one step behind, in order not to interfere in their careers? This is not fair, and as the same Jo and Stephanie have learned to be friends despite the natural rivalry, must give Penny the same possibility. Not to mention the rant Stephanie Amelia, But how dare you talk to her like that? He thinks he's the Queen of Grey Sloan Memorial? Perhaps it is precisely this lack of humility about her that did stand out the qualities of Penny, should think about it and blame herself was chosen, not with whom he wronged.


To finish, sore point, continues the story more soap opera of all, to April and Jackson; on the contrary, only by April, because he is a normal person doing normal things, only she has disproportionate reactions and beyond any logic. Although insane l ’ Catherine's idea to sue I think after having overheard the conversation would have at least been able to dwell into thinking a few minutes; invece no, is Jackson as a crazy stranger, until a month ago you would be sacrificed rather than divorce and now in four and four ’ eight passes restrictive ordinances. The benefit of the doubt no? Ask him if he was aware of the mother's plan no? It is truly an idiot, made stressed even more by sweet gesture of Jackson who gives culla: Despite everything she has done is still willing to converse and seek a compromise, and she repays him so? It truly deserves the worst of the worst.

Overall an episode less satisfactory than previous, that reminds a little’ too some old seasons where the series had lost the plot and tried to compensate with absurd twists, but not necessarily something irreparable; I save from a low rating just because I want to see what May come out from the mess he created and why the Nice domestic scenes of Meredith, Amelia and Maggie compensate the follies of others.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV.

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