Grey’s Anatomy – 12×18 There ’ s at the end, Fine Line and 12×19 ’ it s Alright, But (The ’ m Only Bleeding) – Review by S.


After a week undertone Grey’s Anatomy you redeem completely with this double episode tensile load and drama (What's new!), an incident bound to have serious consequences for some characters.

Recapping, the doctor Ben Warren He performed a caesarean section on a stretcher in the middle of a hallway where it was blocked, but without realising it, a moment before cutting, the elevators were returned and that would, then, could reach an operating room (and a more experienced surgeon); obviously, both mother and son die soon after. We can say in no uncertain terms that Ben made a big mess, and it's not easy to feel sorry for him. If one side has always been a good doctor and to Grey’s extreme operations are never miss, from ’ the other hand it is also true that in the past he found himself in similar situations; hard to think of a coincidence, easier to think of a mania of protagonism. And even though his superiors, at the end, become convinced of his good faith and the fact it was just extremely focused on patient ignoring the world around, Ben must in some way pay for being the husband of the primary. The Bailey, as well as being inflexible and not being able to understand and forgive him, He also feels the weight of a political choice: It is true that the Council formed by Meredith, Maggie and Owen has cleared Ben, But if she would punish him, whereas both patients died, would be affected the credibility of ’ hospital. Ben is then suspended for six months by the resident program, and despite all the good intentions to keep separate work and marriage (as Church and State), the crisis is already all ’ horizon: Bailey was very clear, is disappointed and didn't know King manages to forgive him, and as much as he loves her is not easy to avoid the resentment.


Small improvements are seen, instead, on the front April – Jackson: of course we must all to him, Since she knows dolo give vent to his hysteria. Although it was the result of a misunderstanding, by ’ restraining order no turning back and the situation is now permanently compromised, But Jackson for once again ’ from proof of great maturity, deciding to honor all ’ affection and friendship that once bound them all ’. “You were my favorite person”, and this is maybe the saddest thing that you have said in recent weeks: more insults, threats and malice, the pain comes from knowing you have lost that special relationship and beautiful. Hopefully it will be the first step in a long process of rapprochement, not necessarily in romantic sense but just as two adults who are about to become parents.


Downside the triangle Arizona – Penny – Callie: is Penny what is suffering all the criticisms from fans, but honestly out of all is the ’ only with a little’ of the brain. She was right all ’ first when did not even considered that Callie she could transfer her to New York because his life is in Seattle, Callie was pushing in that direction. And in doing so Callie makes a fool of, as always gets thrown into things headfirst without considering the consequences, without considering the others involved; How do you make a decision like this with such lightness? Is worse than marrying George! For more, his relationship with Penny has never been presented as the great love of his life, on the contrary, was told no, so for spectators is really hard to follow the logic of this decision. Even Arizona, but, He puts his: I understand your point, I understand everything, but because they haven't spoken before? It seems that May have caused an epidemic ’, COS ’ is this mania of the ride to lawyers? Talk to each other, boys, talk to each other, possibly fight after! Apart from these considerations, This is certainly a turning point for the Calzone: l ’ happy ending is still a long way off, but we're at a point that will change the tide and put everything into question, and who knows what will come out of this mess; may be in pieces or more United than before, in any case it will be a new phase after the stall and the apparent calm of this period.

In the years Grey’s taught us many things, one of the most important is that even when things seem to go wrong, even when a few episodes is perplexing c ’ is always a surprise in store: Shonda's pen never disappoints in the long term, and this double episode confirms it: Cliffhanger, dramatic but engaging storyline, unexpected twist: What more can you ask for?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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