Grey’s Anatomy – 12×20 Trigger Happy – Review by S.


In Grey’s Anatomy There are no episodes allegri; or better, There are, but those episodes that mark the psyche of the spectators are always and invariably full of tragedies. When in Grey’s Anatomy c ’ is a bell ’ episode means that I have to take antidepressants for at least two months; This was beautiful, imagine the consequences.

This time the depression affected us in the form of a child paralyzed due to a gunshot accidentally party, by his buddy; to follow, debate on gun control and general anxiety of all the characters. The most serious is that concerning Callie and Arizona: I confirm my assessment last week, Callie raced too without thinking and without assessing the consequences of his actions. Not only can not think already at the new school of Sophia without even consulting Arizona, but it should also reflect on what noted Bailey: She in Seattle is the head of the Department of Orthopaedics, really is thinking of putting overshadowed his career, accepting a kind of demotion, only to follow a resident from ’ across the country? A similar perspective was not acceptable even when it came to Meredith and Derek, who were the symbol of true love, let alone for these two, the report does not give a damn to anyone. And if Richard, come sempre, is the voice of wisdom and pushes Arizona to reflect before making rash decisions, in the end the poor child is cornered, What else can I do if I do battle with all its weapons to keep the daughter? Callie should have thought before going off on a tangent, It's too late to go back on the words spoken. The shot was fired.


Nell ’ sad atmosphere of ’ episode, In addition, April and Jackson spoken civilly to at least twice, only ray of only Jo and Alex: Unfortunately they haven't the space they deserve, but the tragedy of two young lives shattered serves to riavvicinarli and let us finally see that true love and genuine ’ that have always characterized them. Hopefully it is not just a passenger but that is, instead, prelude to new chapters, possibly with happy ending.

Gather, Meanwhile, clouds all ’ horizon for Warren Bailey: If he seems to have responded better than expected to suspend six months, resuming his work to anesthesiologist decided to go out against the wife, and from here the ’ accumulation of resentments and disappointments can only increase. I have to say that I understand the motivations of Bailey, but actually might try to be a little’ less inflexible: Basically he is showing just really want to do, you do not need to punish him as if he were who knows what a terrible husband. Even Amelia has finally had the space to ourselves that didn't used to be selfish or catching the center of ’ attention: taking care of the child who accidentally pulled the trigger, was l ’ only to be selfless enough to understand that he too had much need help; Maybe you don't like ’ friend hit by the shot, but none the less relevant; his wounds are just as profound, and what he says is the only thing that will ’ Amelia help you understand cos ’ happened and get over it.


Yet another revelation, Finally, on the front Hunt-Riggs: Owen's confession makes us definitely feel sorry for him, but at the same time confirms that its past reactions against the ’ ex friend were a little exaggerated. I don't think we can speak of a real bad about what happened to Owen's sister, mostly suffer from both of survivor's guilt, But anyway, If a fault there was, It would be equally distributed between the two. At this point, I don't see what other obstacles there are to leave everything behind and try to look to the future: What do you get by continuing to blame each other all infinite ’? Peace and love, boys, like good.

An episode really touching, overall, turned so fine and holding glued to the screen; It is proof that they don't serve great events or science operations to generate interest, even facts that (purtroppo) are part of everyday life, What matters is the way and the sensitivity with which they are told; and this has always been the flower of all ’ Grey’s Anatomy. Before I wrap up, a mention d ’ honor goes to Stephanie and Meredith, for showing us the terrible dangers of sexting in the workplace!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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