Grey’s Anatomy – 12×21 You ’ 're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side – Review by S.


Grey’s Anatomy is preparing to close this season as the most watched series aired on ABC, with ratings rising steadily thanks to always engaging storyline and where fans can identify with; There s no wonder ’, allora, that this was a great episode.

this time Stephanie It is found from ’ other side of the trench, the family members of patients instead of doctors; her relationship with Kyle, last week we had softened and had shown a new side of her, takes an unexpected turn and she manages at least questionable. I have never made any secret of my dislike for Stephanie, and whenever I lower the guard she reminds me immediately of his arrogance and his egocentrism; This also makes it unbearable, his insistence in wanting to be a doctor to Kyle while knowing that he must pull back makes me want to take her to slap, Amelia has been very good at keeping his cool and, in any case, put her back in line. What's worse, but, is how Stephanie decides to leave Kyle: I understand the trauma to relive bad memories, but you can leave him a letter after a brain operation and disappear ’? Between the ’ other for sure I will review in hospital, We might as well deal with it in person! At least one goodbye as it should! I do not dispute the motivation that the ’ brought her to this decision, But how they leave a bit to be desired. Sandeep Hinton has also condemned the gesture, but at the same time explained the viewpoint of sa Stephanie: as in the past (at the time of the break with Jackson), its survival strategy is to quit to curl and ignore the problem, do not address the source of your pain. Understandable, but in many years not even l ’ shadow of personal growth, not even a little’ of evolution? Strange, for a character in Shondaland.


On another front, you are setting the stage for the legal battle between Callie and Arizona: each seeks witnesses to corroborate their own cause, forcing everyone else to choose which side to fit (always praise Alex, that refuses to take sides). As I've said over and over, the thing would at least vaguely comprehensible if between Callie and Penny there was chemistry, an exciting story, Anything; instead always seem two acquaintances any, but who cares? In such a context, It is clear that seems at all crazy moving to New York City. To upset the cards it takes, but, a ambiguous tweets Sara Ramirez: l ’ actress has announced the end of filming of Grey ’ s so a little’ too solemn, giving the ’ idea of a final goodbye to the series; in addition to, his contract will expire in June and still no talk of refurbish, then the doubt is permissible.


Finally, We come to Amelia e Owen: At last!! It's the right time? They took it and left for so many times without ever particular reasons that I had given up hope, Instead, maybe make it! Amazing! The creator of this new beginning is Meredith, whose hilarious with her sisters are really hilarious: by the constant jokes about penis of Owen to the decisive “"Get it together", Sisters!”, the three sisters give that comic touch that makes the whole episode ’ lighter, Despite the topics, avoiding spill over into melodrama. The rest, those not killed himself laughing with “Major Hunt, reporting for duty”?! I conclude with a quick review on Ben and Bailey; to the delight everyone, the crisis appears already under resolution: with their bickering, not without tension, I luckily managed to find a compromise, and anyway see Miranda making sustained is always fun!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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