Grey’s Anatomy – 12×22 Mama Tried – Review by S.


Fans of Calzona, that does not lose hope even in the most tragic of situations, they definitely suffered a major blow with this episode, the saddest scenes worthy of Kramer vs Kramer.

Like Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman have skillfully shown, the fight between former spouses for ’ custody of a child is easily transformed into a war with no holds barred, painful for everyone but that suffer most is always the son contended. If Callie and Arizona failed to secede in a civil manner and very mature, minimising the inconvenience to the little Sofia, now that Callie had the brilliant idea of transferring things went wrong quickly. In recent weeks I have already expressed my opinion more than negative about choosing Callie to leave with Penny, and procedural strategy does nothing but worsen the situation. Not only was she deciding out of the blue to leave and take his daughter, without even asking all ’ ex-wife what he thought, but it also allows to paint Arizona as a bad mother and pretty much a slut who thinks more fun that to his family. But when ever?


Aside from the imaginative procedural rules that apply in Shondaland, see the Testimonials of friends and colleagues pro Callie and Arizona pro was almost painful: in the classic tradition of against exam, words are misinterpreted and distorted by skilled lawyers who want to bring out their truth, and in the classic traditions of Shonda Rhimes to make a difference are the statements (almost of streams of consciousness) of the two directed concerned, We try to present to the Court to have a better version of themselves by exposing their lives and their hearts. But although Callie is playing the card of piety, telling of ’ accident where you almost died and how he managed to survive thanks to the desire to be a mother, by ’ other side Arizona Choose a more dignified; could be said that the presence of Sofia l ’ helped her overcome the trauma of leg amputation ’ (by right of Callie), but he doesn't. And still, If on the one hand, Callie decides to win by disqualifying his ex, using the lower and lowest means to make her look like a degenerate mother, by ’ other side Arizona does none of this. Arizona doesn't try to win by voting down his counterpart, but it's the only thing you should do in these cases: secures first place her daughter. For Callie spends only nice words, because he knows that both are two good mothers and that Sofia will look good with either one with the other, and here is a ’ only thing that matters, even if she were to suffer.


That's why the decision of the judge to give Arizona l’sole custody of Sofia It is the most sensible thing: as he had pointed out at the start of the first hearing, what you had in mind was the welfare of the child, not the whims of parents; Arizona was the only ’ to treasure this advice, and although we know that Callie is such a good mom, in this context has it all wrong. This absurd strategy is the demonstration of how Callie is reckless in his choices, than I have a clear vision of what happens in her life: really worth it to risk all that to follow Penny in New York? Penny!! But what does the brain, Callie, What?? This is not the great love of your life (or at least, to us it was never presented as such), and indeed the crisis already facing all ’ horizon: the testimony of Penny was a disaster (but this is a little’ for all) and at the end, When yields desperate tears at losing her daughter, Callie refuses the hand of his girlfriend, preferring to settle of ’ friendship of Meredith. A wrong choice behind the ’ the other could not bring that to this; Callie says that should not be forced to choose between two people who love, But if one of these is the daughter, even at an early age, I'd say should not even consider the problem of choice.

This storyline intertwines seamlessly with doubts about the presence of Sara Ramirez in the next season: It seems that the negotiations are in progress, but the signing of the new contract isn't so obvious. Certainly, having to greet Callie in this senseless way I wouldn't; I've never been a big fan of Calzona and indeed, their continued wrangling had become exhausting, but have always been one of those couples predestined, an OTP, I refuse to see all end with Callie and Penny.

In the background a few strides to the other characters: April e Jackson you are already dividing the Easter and Christmas holidays with son, l ’ ex Stephanie is again hospitalized and it seems that for her deal with it will be more difficult than expected. I just hope that the next episode is a little’ less debilitating emotional point of view!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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