Grey’s Anatomy – 12×23 "At Last" – Review by S.


A much-awaited episode thanks to promo that anticipated two marriage proposals, resulting in speculations from fans.

Unfortunately both proposals were, at least for me, a huge disappointment. Amelia e Owen were some of the most popular and in fact all sudden ’, from nothing, Here they decide to get married. Whereas they started dating for years would also have the sense that they were about to get married, too bad you are taken and left until ’ day before yesterday, so it's as if they were constantly on the first date. Owen doesn't seem much centered to head, switch between rational Cristina all ’ restless Amelia must have caused some neurological short circuit. While on one hand it's understandable their speech on the wish for a real life, without continually dream it or return it, on the other hand should ask themselves a few questions if so far have failed to have her: There must be a reason! Aside from the romance that you could read in the moment of the proposal, If any of us saw a man take a similar decision would dissuade him. It wasn't enough to sell the trailer and buy House? It was still an important first step, invece no, have to go from one extreme all ’ more.


Unfortunately things didn't go much better for Alex and Jo: I was aiming all over them, the couple most ravaged of the last two seasons, and yet even here nothing to do. Alex is always perfect, with the ’ yet another declaration d ’ loving the shows to be ready and to love her, but she still doesn't say yes. The thing starts getting nauseating, because we are already at the third proposal, and it was Jo who told him to keep the ’ ring; COS ’ else has to make this poor ’ male? I can't really understand what it is to brake Jo: There's no doubt she's in love, the fact that want Alex in his future, so why that's”"I can't”? Am l ’ only couple that might give us some’ by joy, Shonda why are you doing this??


To take terrible things, giving a voice to all of us, We think Meredith: the outburst against Amelia had not clearly make sense (for this time), but you have to understand it; It is one thing to have elaborated and overcome the loss of Derek, Another is to address concrete signs and new ones that remind her of her past. At the beginning of day must see the trailer disappear forever with her all memories that are tied, and this is the fuse that triggers a series of reactions; In addition, visiting an ’ Amelia now safer, multiple brava (as was Derek) in doing just that job which was by Derek; Add Amy that she married Owen, l ’ the best friend's ex-husband whose had to learn to do without. Anyone instead of Meredith would explode! I enjoyed the culmination of his hysteria: After l ’ Wrangler with everyone all day, collides with Riggs, whose stinging jokes l ’ have irritated a lot more of the wise words of Alex; and Riggs also captures the quick, because he understood perfectly cos ’ is that the mind. At this point, When there are two people population that insult to blow off steam with ’ other ’ a l l, COS ’ more can happen if a wild and sudden passion? Ellen Pompeo has already explained it in Shondaland assumes that everyone in life has only one Big Love: Meredith l ’ had, It is clear, may have other relationships but no one will be her Knight in shining armor; This does not mean that you can have fun from time to time, and the story with Riggs was now in ’ air from time.


Terribly irritating was, instead, Stephanie: If I understand the sadness in ’ witness the death of Kyle, his constant meddling was really ridiculous. L ’ left, should take all responsibilities resulting therefrom, It cannot take back all alone because sorry it again ammalto. Nor has suddenly realized that he is her great love, It is simply a selfish ’ who wants to feel less guilty, and this is not fair to the poor unfortunate musician. To conclude, Callie continues to make bad choices: He created a big mess to start with Penny but when things go wrong he decides to leave her: to demonstrate how it had been hasty in judging his relationship status.

Despite the negativity of the events, It was a great episode of preparation ahead of the season finale; the elements of tip for end-style Grey ’ s are in fact couples poised, impromptu decisions and thoughts in view of major events: I would say that nothing is missing to finish this season with a bang.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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