Grey’s Anatomy – 12×24 Family Affair (Season Finale) – Review by S.


For the twelfth time Grey’s Anatomy concludes its season, This year ’ a season of rebirth that surprised everyone: for the first time without Derek, instead of sinking Grey’s has found new life, Meredith a new light and the ratings rose as did not happen for years.

Another novelty is that the series has changed the formula for the final: Nothing shocking events, No shootings, natural disasters or accidents; This ’ year Shonda has opted for the formula of romantic comedy, that perfectly successful romantic comedy that is not seen on the big screen from time. An episode of Grey’s at its best, with statements d ’ loving, cracks and knots that come to a head for each pair, the whole interspersed with beautiful interludes ironic to dampen tension.


We start from Amelia e Owen: to demonstrate how reckless was the marriage decision, within hours of marriage she will fall into the paranoia that accompany it from the day of their first kiss. Can blame Meredith until takes to having turned your back (even though this was a momentary outburst), But if it was really sure of its report would not have all these doubts; If it were really ready to take over his life would run off in the rain. But coincidentally, Meredith is that helps to overcome its difficulties: If at first reacts with funny enough (Amelia locked in the bathroom and she with a face “been there, done that”) eventually manages to understand her and even identifying with stepsister, remembering how she herself was different before Derek. And then the seconds, urges her to follow her instincts, whatever it is; and it's just Meredith who after escaping manages to dispel the doubts of Amelia (with the valuable and engaging help from Maggie, some more’ stunned by the weirdness of his sisters and coworkers).


For a couple who get a little’ in haste to the wedding, a ’ other couple doesn't seem to get there ever: Alex and Jo you don't really have peace, But despite the disappointment in seeing them increasingly distant, I have to say that the latest revelations give a sense to things, and the situation seems less tragic than I thought ’ last week after yet another proposal rejected. Jo's past, We thought by now to know in all its tragic facets, back to harass you, This time in the form of an abusive husband from which she fled to escape: just so cannot marry Alex, to save herself. Actually it could have told him all these years, but d ’ the other hand it is understandable that seeks to erase every trace as possible of those traumas and violence suffered. Now it makes sense her “"I can't” the question of Alex to marry him; It is a very practical response, Jo really can't do it; l ’ idea of having a baby is obviously a no brainer, but from his point of view it makes sense, is a way to make him understand between the lines that is with him one hundred percent, but that just technically cannot do anything else. You can't even blame Alex for not understanding that there was another, who would ever think such a thing? The misunderstanding with DeLuca should be resolved quickly to make room for the final confrontation between Alex and Jo: the secret has surfaced, now he will have to be addressed. I hope Jo chooses to sacrifice his love for fear of what might happen to her: It will be tough, but can they, all ’ ’ a else l are intended.


I thought they were intended Callie and Arizona, Instead it seems I was wrong; accomplice l ’ goodbye to the series Sara Ramirez, their storyline thus concludes, so a little’ disappointing even for me I never cheered for Calzona. In a surge of generosity, Arizona allows Callie to move with her daughter to follow Penny (so in the end Callie l ’ had won despite being l ’ only responsible for this mess); as I have already repeated till you drop, It would make sense if l ’ love between Callie and Penny was even vaguely interesting or engaging, Instead we see Callie say goodbye and leave his world to follow one of which no one cares. What a pity.


A note of positivity for April e Jackson, da un lato, and Ben and Bailey on the other hand; Obviously April could not give birth normally, then ends up getting a c-section on the kitchen table of Meredith with a knife in case, just to make us feel a little’ anxious. Obviously everything is allright, Despite the agonizing screams of Kepner, and both she and the baby are doing well. Ben will be sick and tired of being in situations of extreme emergency, I drop everything and go be a postman; at least this time l emergency ’ has served to solve the crisis with Bailey, created by another impromptu caesarean. All's well that ends well!


An episode almost perfect to finish off a near-perfect season; After so much pain and so many bad luck, in recent months we have found a Meredith Radiant and funny, who ever l ’ would have thought? How much laughter you tore the spat with Riggs after ’ one-night stand (For now)?! The twelfth season there was presented as Meredith's resilience, his ability to go on living in spite of everything, to address what seemed impossible and make it possible. After the death of Derek, Ellen Pompeo invited us to accompany them in this new journey, and months we can say it was one of the best trips ever undertaken in twelve years Grey’s Anatomy.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ OMG

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