Grey’s Anatomy – 13×02 Catastrophe And The Cure – Review by S.


Just like said in the finals of the previous episode ’, Alex is getting ready to face the consequences of her actions: He does it with dignity and with all the knowledge that you have made a big mess.

Dr. Karev takes note of the situation in which it is located and does not seek in any way to explain himself or find shortcuts; you give just a little’ di autocommiserazione, disappointed by ’ returning to a time, again overwhelmed by his troubled past when he thought now to be freed. But unlike when he was a kid, now c ’ is someone to stand by him, someone who really knows and understands the inner conflict that lives. Meredith is for Alex friend and family, is his person as he is from the ’ goodbye Cristina; Unlike historical's friends, in the years, get lost along the way, Meredith and Alex have grown together to become the family l ’ one of ’ other, and this is a nearly indestructible bond. Meredith remains alongside Alex even in the darkest moment, hoping it won't be sentenced to twenty years in prison (Thanks to ’ incazzato DeLuca) and certain that somehow will.


You can't use words equally positive about, instead, the relationship between Alex and Jo; If in the past they had sworn to stay forever with you and that you don't need d ’ more, those days now seem far away; from last episode, Alex goes a step further and, the anger subsided, reiterates in love with Jo. But she, much to the chagrin of me, He doesn't run into his arms, choosing instead to take even more from him; It outlines why last of the break between the two, Once stored the various misunderstandings: Alex has succumbed to its most violent nature (OK a brawl, but actually went a little’ In addition), and the world of Jo, with its past, This is a Bell d alarm ’. I give a little’ less correct when he complains that Alex has used very harsh words just to make her suffer: It was an extreme situation, and she could not expect the consequences of his secret were not serious as that secret, not having kept silent all this time. I still believe firmly in this pair, everything in their history indicates whether facts l ’ one for ’ other, but maybe it wasn't yet time for happy ending: l ’ we already lived with Meredith and Derek, to achieve true happy ending first hit rock bottom.


Me some annoyance, instead, Maggie: l ’ awkward love triangle with Meredith and Riggs is very funny but his reactions are really disproportionate; ever since he found out that Richard is his father always makes a tempest in a teacup d ’ water, does not forgive the slightest omission, for you everything is betraying his trust. It is as if the world of Maggie was all black and white, without any shade of gray in the Middle, and as we know this is exactly l ’ opposite of what happens in the dawn of time Grey’s Anatomy. This peculiarity will need to create havoc when, inevitably, the truth about Mer and Nathan will out: purtroppo, I fear that instead of a cute curtain we'll have a great family drama. A drama entirely unjustified, because it fits the loyalty between sisters, but Meredith doesn't have anything to Maggie, Why shouldn't he be able to follow his instincts and stay with Nathan? Having already had a great love doesn't mean I should stay home knitting until the end of his days, and Maggie has no right of first refusal, even more so between you and Riggs has never happened anything.


The breath of lightness and irony is, and who would have thought just a few months ago, from April e Jackson: the classic hysteria of Kepner is adequately measured, so that they are only fun in the eyes of the spectators. Jackson, for its part, It is working hard to do the right thing without exceeding the invisible boundaries that exist between them, so laying the foundations of what will be their storyline when they return to the foreground.

This year Grey’s He started on a more serious tone that, Despite some diversion to distract us, you really feel, permeating the episodes of some veil of anxiety and worry; rest, It could not be otherwise when in danger one of originals, one person we know and love from thirteen years; just like Meredith, for us as Alex's family.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ ♥ ♥ Quality TV

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