Grey’s Anatomy – 13×03 I Ain t No Miracle Worker ’ – Review by S.


After two emotionally intense episodes, This week gets a break from the more serious events to give space to the other storyline, reintroducing all the characters and, with the ’ opportunity, lighten l ’ atmosphere.

First of all, back on stage Arizona: with the excuse to visit Callie and Sofia, Jessica Capshaw could take a break after the birth of her fourth child, but now it started to miss her, especially since the main story involves his protégé and his friend/tenant. Arizona is confirmed as the balanced and wise person who became after its endless marital crisis, and use the right words with everyone without siding with no one. His relationship with Alex is almost maternal, and just as motherly is the reaction that he when he revises: a lecture in good standing, but Alex didn't need it most; clearly demonstrates that you have learned the lesson and the teachings of his mentor, Reiterating once again don't want to flee from its responsibility and not wanting to give up despite the difficulties. Daniel receives, instead, l ’ affection of her landlady, important gesture at a time when everyone seems a little’ be mad at him (next time be careful not to get hit, eh).


The part of the ’ episode I found more relevant, Although not the main in terms of screen time, is dedicated to April. Finally resigned from the ’ Hospital but still in convalescence, spends his days admiring ecstatic his little Harriett, that is obviously in love. But that's not enough: April is a real woman, a person made up of many facets and so many different sides of himself; in spite of all the new mothers present vomiting on Instagram their happiness by brooders perceiving their existence only as wives/girlfriends/mothers of someone else, Here we are all to another level: years of feminist battles have served (in theory) to eliminate from our lives these vulgar clichés, and fortunately we can count on Shonda Rhimes for not scupper the sacrifices of previous generations. April loves his daughter, But what a boring staying in fixing a newborn all day? April is not “madre”, is also a mother, and his life is also made of other; before being a mother is a surgeon, It's not something you can cancel or ignore, focusing only on baby food and diapers (the same applies to any other job, obviously). And with a few scenes here Grey’s has already offered the best socio-cultural lesson of ’ year.


The funniest scenes, instead, are those between Meredith and Nathan: increasingly distant and more l ’ attraction grows. Unites them the pain of lost love, but ’ is much more than that: c ’ is a ’ and a ’ mental affinity instinctive attraction to be reckoned with, every bickering does nothing but underline. Unfortunately we are in the uncomfortable situation of love triangle, with the boring Maggie always on the verge of ruin everything: why this woman is so heavy? The next tirade on the rights and duties of the sisters even my cat will want to commit suicide.

We take all these elements, In addition to the cute family interludes of Miranda and Ben, and get the background a paradoxical funeral procession with family poisoned, and here is the recipe for an enjoyable episode, one of those where we don't have to sit with bated breath but they leave us, in any case, with the feeling of having made good use of our time.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – “I did not know a miracle could be so boring” elected sentence of ’ year

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