Grey’s Anatomy – 13×04 Falling Slowly – Review by S.


An episode a bit’ undertone, that recovers only thanks to Meredith's irony and personality ’ of Alex, in balancing the moaning of Amelia and Maggie.

The path of Alex I'm enjoying a lot, and it seems to me that deny categorically all those who had shouted to scandal, accusing Shonda did regress the character; If it were really l ’ Alex of a time, would send all to hell after two days at the clinic, sending smoke years of studies and sacrifices just to follow his irascible instinct. But no, remained enduring its annoying nurse-head up to the limit of his patience, and now there it is that system even the postcards before going home, satisfied that he was a good doctor regardless of everything else. If this isn't maturation, I don't know what else it could be ’! The only flaw in this storyline is the dangerous rapprochement between Jo and Daniel: two weeks ago he hated her guts, but now that they're both outcasts of ’ hospital, suddenly become friends, and this thing already I like little; forced into silence with colleagues, are the only ’ one ’ other confidants l dell, and we know where they're going to end up these things. As if there had been need a ’ further complication in mending the relationship of Jolex. Thank you, Shonda, thank you.


Meredith and Nathan are the usual, with him who tries to seduce her and she, unnecessarily, hang in there; give this bow to report, creating a long stalemate in the development of the feeling between the two, ’ is a clever move, because it allows fans, even those most reluctant to give Meredith a new love, of get used to the couple. We always see them together without they're really together, and their squabbles are so adorable that you can't really not rooting for them. Unfortunately this time things are a bit complicated, but the purpose of Meredith to truncate that whole flirtation and being only gentlemen is a losing battle, We all know. The real problem is Maggie, hanging over them (and about us) as a scary Vulture harbinger of death; at his age still loses time to be adolescent paranoia whenever crosses Riggs in a hallway, I can't take it anymore; But what's the point? Manco had been the great love of his life! Unfortunately being such a drama queen break with Meredith over that inevitable will be also very deep, but honestly l ’ only comment it deserves is as follows: chissenefrega.


Manifests itself in all its clarity even l ’ futility of marriage between Amelia e Owen: they married without reason at any time, and in fact they know nothing l ’ one of ’ other, just like a year ago, Since their relationship there ’ was the least growth but only a sterile and continuous push and pull. Despite this the setting of Amelia for its shortcomings on the life of her husband are exhausting nearly as much as the hormonal crisis by Maggie; Good heavens, If you want to know things chiedigliele, There is need to ’ all ’ agonizing hospital! The thought that these two are already thinking about having children is very worrying, with the genetic heritage of her and brain him (that seems to be retired by year) the assumptions are not sure of the best. I do not deny, obviously, the scene of their mutual confessions was very touching, but right there is the problem of this couple: living by moving and sensational moments, in an average of two per season, but throughout the rest of the time do not combine anything and remain crystallized in a relationship status that always seems unsafe, as if the crisis was constantly behind the ’ corner.


Find, instead, a ’ meeting point April e Jackson; After some sympathetic nervous exhaustion from stress to life as new parents and for the odd housing solution, they manage to overcome the discomfort and lower the barriers. It sure is nice to see them in relationships so relaxed after the past misadventures, but I don't think that living together without being a couple is, in the long term, a good thing; I predict many mutual misunderstandings and annoyances, also because, Unlike Amelia and Owen, the Japril have always been a couple in continuous evolution, so I highly doubt that things will stay calm and unchanged for much longer.

Overall a good episode but, insomma, nothing that; not so much for the overall cast performance or yield, of which can't complain, but for the time devoted to certain aspects that, personally, I find it very frustrating; by Maggie, the couple Wed-Nathan, Jo and Daniel until Owen, I felt that everything was going in the direction of less happy. But far be it from me to complain, before Shonda introduce l ’ latest tragedy only to distract us!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ ½ – #MaiUnaGioia

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