Grey’s Anatomy – 13×05 Both Sides Now – Review by S.


One episode focused entirely on Amelia could be fatal for the fate of viewers, but this time we went better than expected: He complained as usual, but in moderate quantities and with a fair dose of humor (more of Meredith that her), thing that has contributed to our survival.

Amelia and Owen had just thought all ’ idea to have children and she already has a delay, very timely; obviously, because I'm a weird couple and not broken, She has no clue how to tell him, and this is enough to give rise to several doubts about their relationship. And if that wasn't enough, She takes the load from 90, acting like a ’ teenager at his first experience: has a delay of three days and already off on a tangent… and say it's even a doctor! Thankfully c ’ is Meredith to bring her back to reality: “Have you peed on the stick yet? Because if you haven t ’ peed on the stick yet, stop talking!“, and I would say that this perfectly sums up the collective thought on the paranoia of Dr. Shepherd.


Both Amelia Owen have a difficult past with regard to the ’ topic “children”: Amelia the memory goes to baby ever had a painful than ever, for Owen, instead, goes to the crisis with Cristina, given that their love was put to the test by the desire for him to have a baby, What a far cry from her life project. With such stories behind, It is possible that the desire to build a family to unite even more Amelia and Owen, but the final scenes give rise more than a doubt: While he remained clearly disappointed by ’ pregnancy test, Amelia seemed partly raised. It is possible that it is just the fear of having to face again the mourning of first time, but this fear could both disappear quickly when will remain pregnant again, both grow and be an obstacle in the relationship with Owen. What you need to do this ’ man to have a baby?!


Meredith, Alex and Bailey were the glue of the storyline and emotional tension relief valves, with their jokes and caustic l ’ irony that characterizes them; the homemade interludes you confirm my favorite scenes, but any Exchange Mer-Alex It is a moment that doesn't disappoint; even from these little things you see how developed their relationship and how United States, almost brother and sister (and then stronchiamo in the bud any proposal to see them as a couple, thank you). Continues the dangerous rapprochement between Jo and Daniel: to see them together, without considering the context, they are also cute together (with those faces, How could they not be?), but still NO; a big NO and I refuse to accept the opposite. Jo and Alex are meant to be together, How long do we have to wait for the ’ happy ending?? UFFA!

L ’ episode keeps the usual quality of Grey’s, that stands out when ever they touch sensitive topics, so much for the audience as for the characters involved; rest, regardless of personal sympathies, watching them grow and change over the years has always been the strong point of the series, the quality that no one else knows reach.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ “How did you tell Derek?” “[…] I was off the hook because he was dead "”: applause.

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