Grey’s Anatomy – 13×06 ROAR – Review by S.


Shonda Rhimes is a very cruel person: fills our lives of tragedies and disasters, a mourning after ’ more, and in this way we are so accustomed to despair that when nobody dies in one episode we feel lucky, We feel that all went well. But no, because there are much more subtle but equally effective ways of making us suffer, even when we don't realize it: and that's when we suffer the blow.

The feared dismissal of Alex It was just a red herring, a way to distract us from a more serious awareness, reached the end of the episode: is he not to be questioned, they all are. By Meredith to Leah Murphy, apparently there is a serious problem in the way it teaches the Grey Sloan Memorial. Not that we should indeed fear a mass layoff, but to hear Catherine doubt so openly about them is not nice, Why be good surgeons, the best, is the one on which all of them have always focused, the lowest common denominator that has always United. From the first years of training to date, “being the best” was the ’ goal, and now it seems to slip through your fingers. Another issue to be addressed will be the ’ inevitable marital crisis between Catherine and Richard, responsible for the teaching program, but after all it is the dawn of time that these two clash over how to handle the ’ hospital and at the end they always find a way out ’.


Another important front of pain and disappointment is to Jo and Daniel: I immediately expressed my negative opinion on flirtation between the two, but now hear them chatting with Alex as if it were an ordinary person, insignificant in their great friendship, really makes me upset. Nor is this the worst, why even Daniel arrives to accuse Jo to suffer from the syndrome of Florence Nightingale, calling between lines to indulge, rather, the good guy on duty. And say that until a few months ago Andrew was so cute! Despite all the problems that exist between Jo and Alex, that incomprehensibly neither is facing, their relationship goes far beyond the “bad boy charm”: I launched the herbal tea account the screen when I heard Daniel pronounce those words, and l ’ I launched again when Jo has been shown to reflect on those words. Now we'll have to follow even his existential crisis looking for an affair with a man calm and predictable, When in fact this is not the problem! I understand your fear taken violent, in this context I see why the words of Andrew can make effect on her, but for God's sake, girl, reasoning!! It's not that l ’ Alex you fell in love, It was more than that to keep you United States (l ’ emancipation from a horrible past, only for one thing), What ’ join now this comes the sappy, Rosamunde Pilcher?? UFFA!


In all this there is also Amelia, and for once it was quiet here is that all the incite to confide; lets get one thing straight: I have the utmost respect for the drama he faced at the time of Private Practice, I'm not saying don't have your reasons to feel how you feel, is that, in the words of Meredith, “She talks so much“! I really difficult tolerate her thing, but as long as it is not the only protagonist I can't do ’. As expected at the end of last episode, Amelia is well happy not to be pregnant (totally understandable), and now he's terrified all ’ idea to confess to Owen on his past and his true feelings. But Holy woman, then why did you get this far? It looks like she was infected with Jo in keeping secrets that cannot be held! Because before you speak of children didn't you tell your poor husband the truth? What were you thinking?! I understand the pain and trauma, But gosh, She also puts her.

To complete the picture of the annoyance and dell ’ embarrassment, Here she is back Leah Murphy: was it really necessary? Could not get his second chance by a ’ the other hand? Only consolation, the usual scenes of home life and strong friendship between Meredith and Alex: He virtually has become a Saint, that ’ himself on the altar of the clinic in the name of good of patients and cooking waffles on Sunday morning to keep the family together… so much for bad boy, The! Damn it! An incident that leaves a bad taste in your mouth ’, Why doesn't happen nothing major but neither one can say that things are going well… on the contrary, lay the seeds for a series of negative consequences that they do not like their, not even a little ’. but then, Shonda so she decided.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – #TeamAlex #DeLucafattigliaffarituoi

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